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Sometimes we need the answers to life's questions now.

Relationships, family, work, legal worries, and anything else the future holds
does not have to be a mystery. The answers are there for us if we ask.

How does he feel?

Will he call?

Does he love me?

Is he cheating?

I can help you by giving you the information you need.


My first Tarot deck was given to me over 25 years ago. I have been studying Tarot for most of my life. Like all psychic tools, when used correctly, Tarot can uncover the messages and meaning that we need to make sense of our lives and the actions of those around us. I can read the truth that lies waiting for you. My purpose is to use Tarot to guide you to your rightful place of power, fully in control of your future. Through Tarot I have developed my intuition and vision to reveal the unseen forces that influence, even control, the life paths of others. I can reveal for you:

1) Information that pertains to the life you are living now

2) Your current path and where it is headed ("the future")

3) Past life relationship connections that will explain current predicaments and indicate the solutions to these problems.


Dreams represent the wisdom of your subconscious, receiving messages directly form the higher self. Interpreting dreams so that you can benefit from the true messages they bring is a skill that requires insight and intuition. I can tell you whether your dreams represent a warning, a sign, or a message.

Animal Companions:

Pets are emotional, and psychicly sensitive creatures, and although they can't speak "human," they can tell us what is wrong. I am a lifelong animal lover, owner, and communicator. Pets even have past life connections to us just like people!. I can explain the feelings behind your pet's behavior.

If the time is right and the signs are there, call me.

Please remember the following:

  • While we can see who is creating strong influences in your current path, we can never control another person or choose a different path for them.
  • We can control only ourselves by the choices we make, but if those choices are made in harmony with truth, which Tarot can provide, our energy becomes strong enough to positively influence the choices of others as well.
  • The truth, and all paths to personal power and autonomy, are there for all who seek it.

I look forward to guiding you along this stage of the journey. Peace and Light to you!