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Aeson Knight--Master Psychic, Master Tarot Reader, Master Clairvoyant

After discovering my gift of clairvoyance at an early age, I endeavored to learn tarot reading to focus on the question at hand. After many years of practice, this advanced my abilities so that I can bestow answers that go beyond simple card readings and random predictions. This combination provides clear guidance to your specific questions.

Since 1998, I have made it my mission to:

  • Foster and nurture client's relationships, differentiate between lovers and losers, and champion them as they forge their way to unifying with their true loves.
  • Decipher client's business relationships, differentiate between spectacular strategies and disastrous spectacles, equalize their time for work and play, and enliven their endeavors to deploy new business ideas.
  • Augment spiritual connections to empower my clients, ensuring that they hear the whispers and guidance that their spirit guides are struggling to bestow upon them.
  • Provide guidance as people set sail into better tomorrows, answering the whole life questions that come with the journey.

Guidance for any problems, I will use my expertise developed over 20+ years to steer you on your way through life. An architect can only design the house of your dreams if you share what you want, I can only advise you on how to get ahead financially when you share questions that express those business and financial desires. Be ready, your answers will come at you quick, so have pen and paper handy to draw up you blueprint to work-life balance, financial freedom, and a passion for what you do.

Call Aeson NOW! Speak with the only advisor you can trust to instruct you amidst endless choices.



Master Clairvoyant

Certified Master Psychic

Certified Master Tarot Reader

Degrees from Universal Life Church University:

  • Master Tarot Readers Degree
  • Master of Metaphysics
  • Master in the Art of Tarot Reading

  • Reiki Masters
  • Registered Clairvoyant Certificate
  • Registered Psychic Certificate
  • Registered Tarot Advisor Certificate
  • Registered Spiritualist Certificate
  • Kolaimni Practitioner

Ordained Minister Universal Life Church

Currently Studying for Doctorate of Divinity



From the mountains of West Virginia, I grew up as surrounded by spirits as I was by trees. Descended from a mix of Irish and Romanian gypsies who have kept old-time family traditions alive and well.

My Grandmother relied on the land for most things, knowing which plant to use in just about any situation. Was she a witch as well? While we could sit and debate that, she certainly was a wise woman and the closest thing to a doctor we needed. My aunt, a mountain woman—as such free-spirited women in West Virginia are called—raised me close to the Earth and Mother Nature, with summers spent in the woods and riverbanks.

While Mountaineers believe that sons should follow in footsteps of their fathers, daughters in those of their mothers. In Aunt Mary's eyes, if you were a wise woman then your daughter was to be one as well. Without natural children of her own, she had in me a child for the summers, and imparted as much wisdom as she had to me at every turn. As for me not being female, maybe she knew something no one else did. She passed on the traditions, knowledge, and memories of our family to me. A gift I will always be grateful for.

She was my first teacher, and she was able to see things that no one else could. From the plants around us, the signs of things to come, and the art of card reading, those summers were spent drenched in learning and sweat.

My Grandmother, her mother, was a tarot card reader, and dedicated years helping others through in-person and typed readings. In concert with Aunt Mary, she gave me an admiration and respect for tarot cards and their power to use them to provide a reading for others.

Growing up with these two women gave me a charmed childhood, a gift I with always treasure. Their wisdom combined helped to guide me to where I am today, and I am eternally grateful for their open hearts and their open minds.

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