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This month, Saturn and Pluto fall within a 3-degree orb of each other in Capricorn. During this time, we’ll be forced to change something in our lives that has outlived its purpose or usefulness. Many global changes will occur between now and 2020. This is a slow, evolutionary process that will create new foundations in coming years.

Love Forecast for April

Venus is in Pisces through April 19, and it’s very comfortable here. This will work well for all water and earth signs, but especially Scorpio as it falls in the 5th house of love. This is soft, romantic energy connected with dreaminess and the imagination. Venus enters Aries April 20, changing love energies as Aries is ruled by Mars. Venus is at its detriment in this sign, which means the energy does not flow as well, and is more aggressive. However, Aries will work well for all fire signs, especially Leo.

Mars is the other significant planet when it comes to love and is in Gemini all month. Mars rules men, action and sex. Mars in Gemini is placed in Mercury’s sign, so communication becomes important. Gemini can’t stand to be bored, so expect to go on new adventures.

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Aries New Moon & Libra Full Moon

April’s new moon falls on April 5, at 15 degrees of Aries. This is the first new moon of Spring, and Aries rules the first house of self and self-interests. Now is a good time to reflect on any road blocks that stand in the way of your goals.

On April 19, the Full Moon falls at 29 degrees of Libra, the sign ruling the 7th house of partners, partnerships, marriage and relationships. This Moon will be about relationships, and in some cases endings. Others may desire to seek out companionship at this time. Libra seeks balance in all things, and you may find yourself trying to resolve confrontations. Overall however, Libra seeks peace and companionship.

3 Planets in Retrograde

Jupiter retrogrades in Sagittarius from April 10 to August 11, bringing in optimism and enthusiasm. But, sometimes we need to check our enthusiasm and get down to facts. This will represent a time of philosophical and spiritual reflection and a fine tuning of ideas.

Pluto retrogrades at 23 degrees of Capricorn on April 23. Pluto is the planet that brings absolute change and transformation when it moves through your chart. Pluto is about making deep change that goes beneath the surface. It’s time to deconstruct what isn’t working in your life, and this will soon become obvious.

Saturn turns retrograde on April 30, at 20 degrees of Capricorn. This is a time of internal re-structuring where we can look at our basic foundation and make changes.

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Other Significant Dates

April 10 – Venus conjuncts Neptune. This can be creative and dreamy, but as Neptune rules illusion, be careful what you chose to believe, especially regarding relationships. The Sun squares Saturn at 20 degrees of Capricorn. This is not a time to take shortcuts as you may be tempted. At worst you could experience worry or criticism, but this will pass in a few days.

April 13 – The Sun squares Pluto. All Pluto transits can be obsessive in nature, and increase your need to be in control, which can lead to serious ego conflicts with authority figures. It is important to watch for destructive behavior on your part or someone else’s.

April 17, Mercury enters Aries. Communication changes dramatically as Mercury enters the sign ruled by Mars. Expect more direct and aggressive communication over the next month.

April 20, The Sun enters Taurus the second sign of spring when the weather begins to stabilize. Taurus rules the 2nd house of money and possessions and likes comfort and the material things that go with it.

April 22, The Sun conjuncts Uranus. Look for sudden and unexpected events and changes. This could be a day to experience something totally different.

April 27, Mars squares Neptune at 17 degrees of Gemini and Pisces. This day may seem confusing, tiring and discouraging. We could see or hear of scandals, lies and deceptions. The higher use of this energy is compassion, spirituality and creativity.

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