What Hindu Scripture Says About Finding Your Soulmate

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by Psychic Advisor: Maharani Rutan


Many of us have fallen in love, believing that the person we are with is our “Soulmate.” Defined by the core of culture, love is having butterfly kisses; the simple touch which brings goosebumps and a queasy feeling when we see that person who is “Soulmate material.” Unfortunately, after some time, the kisses no longer seem sparkling, the touch seems obsolete, and the goosebumps are all gone. Though we try to get that feeling back, it just does not feel the same as it did at the beginning. Thus, we search for answers through people, places, and things, often ending in heartbreak. 

So, what is this thing called a “Soulmate?” Why is it that if you fall over a person they are called your “Soulmate?” Why can’t we get them out of our minds? But most powerfully, why is it so difficult to leave them? The answer does not lie in blaming ourselves or our partners; rather, the answer is universal.

The concept of Soulmates came from the scriptures of the Bhagavat Gita, which is literally translated as, “Song of God, or the Devine.” The scripture is written much like the bible; however, the stories are broken into songs of war, ego, dharma, and karma. The concept of Soulmates begins in the scripture known as the, “Song of Love (aka Krishna).” Many of us know Krishna as a deity who is purple, plays the flute, and has women flocking to him because of his good looks. Nevertheless, what most people do not know is that he is the highest avatar of Vishnu. If you have seen the pictures of the Vishnu deity, you will see the resemblance. 

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Without going too deep into the background of Krishna’s birth, it is important to understand that he is the deity of love and war. He is also the greatest peacemaker in the Gita; being where the concept of soulmate begins. As Krishna supported the Prince Arjuna, he was assigned as the Prince’s counsel and was placed, by the supreme God Brahma, to alleviate war and conflict due to drives of the ego (power) and fights for spiritual causes. 

The “Song of Love” dialog begins with one of the strongest fighters, Prince Arjuna, at a time when he was weak and afraid. The first concept of a soulmate is depicted when Krishna says, (translated in English) “Those that see my spirt everywhere and see what I have in me, are never lost or are ever lost to me” (Gita 6:30). Additionally, in the Gita, there are three tiers of the soul which are broken into our placement and relationship to the world.  

In the Gita 15:17, it states in easier terms, Paramatma is the supreme soul (God’s), “I am in everyone’s heart. I am the supreme soul of souls and from me you have recollection, wisdom, and forgetfulness so you can learn to forgive.” This is the heart of Krishna. The second soul is called Jivatma, which is described in chapter 13:34, “Whomever sees the supreme soul (aka Prathma) everywhere, and in every living being, does not disgrace or disrespect him, and they will transcend to a specific destination together one day.” Lastly, Atma is the self-soul, which begins the Gita by stating that, the “Soul is not death or birth, it will not really evolve, be born again, or die.  It is unborn, eternal, and everlasting. That soul cannot be killed as it resides in all of us” (Gita 2:10-19). Thus, the concept of soul (I or me) and mate (partnership) really means that one is related to him/her self.  

However, in the later chapters, Krishna states that we are all interconnected with one another and we are brought into this life with a specific karma (past lessons) and dharma (duty). Our duty is that we become part of the perfect image of God and every one of us learns a lesson. Also, every human being has a unique ability that was given by Bhrama (God), so it can be taught and learned. There will be people who will be placed in our lives to teach us things, and we must learn from them. It is also our duty to do the same for others. Therefore, every interconnection has a purpose.  

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The most important interconnection is with our parents because they are a part of our dharma and the longest karmic tie. Our siblings and friends are our secondary connections. The remainder of the people we encounter are a part of our journey through Karma to finish unsettled business from past lives. 

Krishna further stated that the love connection is not sexual, lustful, greedy, obsessive, offensive, or disrespectful. We can all find love, but to know if a person loves you is not about the butterflies; it is about the friendship. The longest lasting relationships are made in heaven; an astrological match is imperative to keep the bond from disintegrating. This is the primary reason why many marriages in India are astrologically matched. Krishna further explained that there will never be just one person for one person, as there is so much to learn and share (Krishna never married Radha and he had flocks of women who adored him). 

This information becomes very important as the scriptures have been known to be written in 300 BCE; later being adopted by the Greeks. Plato was one of the first to discuss the concept of soulmates, though he did not call them soulmates; he stated that love is innate in all of us. As we are all bound by nature, healing occurs when one finds love that brings two people into one. This concept grew even more during the romantic age. The culminating factor which brought the concept into its current form came during the 1960s when war brought people together. Freedom and unity became the foundation of the Hare Krishna movement and the concept of the soulmate was solidified.

Even though the Krishna movement is long over, our human nature continues to hold on to things that make us feel good. Currently, 78% of the population believes that there is one person for everyone, a soulmate. Hindu culture rebuts this by asking the following questions to modern society: If there is one person for one person, then why do people get married to others when one dies? Why are there so many divorces in the modern culture? Why is marriage so important, yet disrespected? Why are there so many extra marital affairs? 

The idea of soulmates in the Hindu culture is that we are all interconnected with one another and we shall meet again if we do not finish what we must do while on earth. 




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