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By Keen Editorial Staff

Out of all of the spiritual guides, mediums are perhaps the most misunderstood. To be clear, a medium is someone who has the gift of communicating with the deceased, so they are basically creating a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Each medium has their own way of working and corresponding with the spirit world, but unlike other advisors, they don’t depend on divination tools like astrology or tarot to do so. Rather, they rely on their intuition and mental images or audible messages to communicate with the deceased. Only mediums have this specific gift. Psychics rely on logic to translate the information they receive by deciphering images, words, feelings and sounds in order to guide the recipient. 

People typically seek the assistance of a medium because they are grieving the loss of a loved one—person or pet. For some people, this means receiving closure (maybe you never got to say goodbye), for others, it could be the desire to receive answers to questions that were not answered before death. Whatever your reasoning is, you have to prepare yourself before seeing a medium for the first time. Go into your session prepared with a list of questions. As it’s likely that you will be sad, you want to go in with a clear list of objectives. Just be prepared that you may not like what you hear—that’s the risk with any type of reading. While you may be inclined to ask questions such as, “Is my mom happy?”, this is only going to give you a “yes” or “no” response. To help you out, here are 14 examples of questions to ask a psychic medium.

Preparing for Your Reading 

Along with having a list of questions handy, make sure you prepare yourself mentally for all psychic medium readings you experience.  Research your family history if you’re not already in the know—this includes family and friends of a spouse or partner. Pets can often appear in the picture, too. Be open minded and prepared to hear from anyone. 

Questions to Ask a Medium

Remember “they” or “their” in this case could be any deceased family member, friend, or pet. 

  1. How can I learn how to develop medium abilities? 
  2. What is my their wish for me and how can I make it come true
  3. Who are my guiding spirits? 
  4. What messages do they have for me? 
  5. What are the signs of being a psychic medium? 
  6. How can I get closure on an issue that wasn’t resolved before their death? 
  7. There’s a question I never got a chance to ask before they died. What is their response? 
  8. What do my loved ones think about the life choices I’m making? 
  9. Do they have any advice or guidance for me? 
  10. Are they still angry with me? 
  11. I want to apologize for something I did/said when they were alive. What is their response?
  12. What are the specific signs that indicate they are with me?  
  13. What can I do to cope with this painful loss so I can move on with my life?
  14. What are special things they want me to know?

Ready to communicate with a deceased loved one? Check out our directory of psychic mediums and then do your homework. Along with looking at factors such as credentials, areas of expertise, and reviews, you then have to make sure you’re comfortable with and trust (use your best instincts) your medium as you’ll be opening many spiritual doors during your session.

Keen Editorial Staff
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