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A great tradition for New Year’s Day is to have brunch with friends. I’ve done this for years with my girlfriends—some of whom are also psychics. We always toast the New Year and then spend time sharing our resolutions.

Over the years, we’ve moved beyond the typical: lose weight, keep to a budget, go to the gym, or make more money. We may still want these things, but it’s so typical to make the resolution and then break it halfway through February. At some point we asked each other: could we do a better job of keeping our resolutions if we focused on spiritual growth and change instead?

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This year, Keen.com has asked a group of its top psychics, intuitive healers, and spiritual mediums for the spiritual resolutions everyone should make and keep.

Top Ten Resolutions for Personal Growth & Improvement

• Each day, take a few minutes to set a specific spiritual intention for the day—begin by expressing love, compassion, acceptance, and gratitude.

• Simplify your life. Each day, get rid of one object you don’t need. Focus on what gives you joy. Get rid of everything else.

• Be of service to others. Make at least one person’s life better every day.

• Have an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for what you have and share.

• Embrace change. Be courageous. Sweep away the past. Get out there.

• See the world as a place filled with abundance. Don’t be afraid. The Universe provides.

• Forgive yourself and others. Embrace your mistakes (and theirs) as lessons. Don’t judge. Learn and move on.

• Make decisions based in love and not fear. Fear breeds anger and faulty decision making; love breeds compassion and better decision making.

• Use your life-power to honor, love, and care for yourself.  Share that love to everyone around you.

• Be open-minded, open-hearted, and filled with forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love.

How Can Personal Growth Help Me?

The main reasons we fail to follow through on New Year’s resolutions is that they either aren’t authentic goals—meaning we’ve just picked what everybody else does because we feel we should—or we don’t address the real need/problem behind the goal.

If finding love is the resolution, let’s say, but we never seem to attract anyone appropriate into our lives, then there’s something going on in our energy field or psyche that may be preventing our success. I’ve helped clients attract a relationship by digging deeper into why they want one and why they aren’t getting it—or if they subconsciously don’t want one and why that may be. Blocks to achievement often arise for reasons you don’t suspect, and doing personal growth work helps uncover the hidden blocks and move beyond them.

Personal growth work helps improve all areas of life: financial, relationships, career, you name it. And a trusted spiritual advisor is a great ally to help you get started on your journey.

Jump in With Resolution #1

Setting a spiritual intention each day is easy yet powerful. I encourage my clients to find a time in the morning when they are already doing a routine task that doesn’t take much concentration. Some clients use their shower time; others do it before they even get out of bed. One client even does this while applying her make-up. For me, I like to use my quiet coffee time—about ten minutes each morning—to give thanks for another day and to send love throughout my body. Then I visualize something I’d like to do, experience, or accomplish this day. I see the outcome I’d like or explore ideal solutions to challenges I’m facing. I set a specific intention to stay detached, fill the situation with love, or whatever response is appropriate. This exercise takes about five minutes—or even less! You can take more time, of course, if you have it, but don’t let “I’m too busy” be your excuse.

If you have Tarot or Oracle cards, this can be a great way to incorporate the cards into your intention setting or spiritual goals for the day. Take a moment to sit with your cards and then ask your guides to deliver the card you need to reflect on, embody, or utilize today. Even the “scary” cards can be useful in this exercise. This works with any kind of deck, from animals to angels.

Throughout the day, try to remember your intention. If this is a challenge, write it on a post-it note on your computer screen at work, in your wallet, or on your phone screensaver. One client even sets up reminders on her phone to take a moment with her intention a few times a day. A brief reflection before you go to bed is helpful as well—especially reflection on how your day played out.

Why not have this year be one of personal development and change? You will find that the more you raise your awareness and consciousness, the more empowered your creativity and decision making becomes. A spiritual advisor can help you develop your own rituals, provide key guidance, and help you keep on track on your path to a New Year full of personal growth.

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