girl with hat in the forest

by JamieGoldstar

Love is the highest vibration,

much like celebration,

thanking it all, there is nothing else,

nothing else truly exists, just an illusion,

a play,

a painting that fits your world.

Illusion it may be but it does have its own reality,

the reality is that it’s pointing you more towards love,

more towards healing, not in the mud.

God does not wish for you to suffer,

that is what men unknowingly choose,

they have been taught that they have so much to lose,

they are what they see,

and that’s all that exists,

what else could it be?

Oh wait, but there is a twist,

what you see is what you get,

but it’s also what’s helping you grow,

more towards the light,

more towards your soul,

the riches signify that of the soul.

But without integration all it does is control your being,

your choices and your feelings,

it takes you away from others,

it causes separation,

it’s not evil,

because nothing is,

just unappreciated,

it hasn’t been given a gift,

one that can only come from you,

your love, your light, your soul,

what you become one with is apart of you,

and it gives continually,

it never ends,

there’s always go…and that is the mystery


About the Author:

I realized that I had a gift when I was a teenager. I was able to tap into people’s feelings and say the right things to make them feel better. Later on,when I got a little bit older I started receiving information from the other side. I then took it to mean I need to help people connect with loved ones. I have helped people close doors that were harming them, preventing them from moving on, I hope to do the same for you.

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