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Lena Rae
Lena Rae
Astrological Guidance and Interpretations
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20+ years' experience studying and using Astrology for guidance, both personally and professionally Honest, accurate, judgment-free advice
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Astrology is a vast and complex system that takes a lot of study and experience to properly interpret its influences on each of us individually and as a collective. I’ve studied astrology both in academic and practical settings. My focus is on birth charts and daily planetary influences. How the cosmic dance affects your life depends largely on your birth chart. Having the knowledge of these affects can give you more control over your everyday experience and ultimately help you build a future that is most harmonious for you and those you care about.
Approach to Topics
My focus of study has been primarily on historical sources and methods. Although I was first introduced to Astrology as a divination tool through a modern source and still find many valuable, through experience I have found older methods more accurate and practical. This means I generally do not consider the outer planets’ (anything past Saturn) influence as they were only recently discovered. This is the system that has been studied and developed for thousands of years. While it’s true that systems change over time, the outer planets largely have generational influences and aren’t as useful in navigating everyday life from my perspective.

It is most helpful to first look at your individual birth chart, as it contains keys to understanding how the cosmos affect you personally. That being said, the daily movements of these bodies do have general effects on the population at large and can often give us insight into events. Other charts we can look at include marriage, starting or ending a career or project, or the birth charts of others.

In order to be as accurate as possible, time is very important as well as the location of the event, as it sets the chart and everything else that follows. That being said, we can still gain some insight without a time if it is unknown.

Ideally, I would like to connect with you through chat or over the phone to get the date/time/location information necessary to draw a chart. I will then send you my full chart interpretation as well as a visual depiction of your chart that I personally create through pay-to-read Keen mail at a rate of $100 for each chart (about 2 hours work for me.) Once we have that chart in place, if you like we can then compare it to other charts for more practical guidance on daily life, major transitions, and relationships.
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