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Love and money psychic astrologer; grief and loss
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I help clients overcome their challenges through transit and solar return readings, synastry, composites, relocation guidance, and feng shui cures.
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My own challenges led me to study astrology as a young person, and I have given counsel and performed readings for clients since 2011. It fills my heart to help someone understand what they are going through, and how to get through it (which will vary if it's due to transits affecting natal chart, solar return influences, or if the challenging influence can be tempered by relocating (if that's an option). For my best help, please provide your exact time of birth. If you don't have your birth time, I can perform a dirty rectification by going back through time (and transits) in your chart with you. I have performed a number of psychic services, but am most effective as an astrologer (and feng shui practitioner for cures).
Approach to Topics
I like to get down to business. Please message me with your first name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, and three concerns (with one of them being your highest priority-- like love prospects for this year, work concerns for this year, when will life stop kicking my butt LOL... I can help you). For help with extraordinary circumstances, please let me know where you were on your birthday so I can populate a solar return chart for you also. For couples, please include first name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth for both of you (I use mid-point method composites and synastry for couples) and one major concern (arguments, infidelity, fertility issues). We can always come back to your charts for more concerns, but with two clients in a relationship, I like to focus on one issue at a time so we can figure it out and get you some relief.
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