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POWERFUL COMPASSIONATE QUICK w/over 30 years experience. Using my ASTROLOGICAL and inherited abilities, I will give you accurate insight to guide you in love and in living your best life. FAST TYPIST w/ free follow up
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Welcome here, my name is Wittney,
I have inherited psychic, empath and intuitive abilities. I have 30 years experience in guiding and helping people live their best life. This discovery of truth came at 18 years old when my 90 year old great grandmother helped show me the gifts she knew I had inherited at a very young age, I will never forget the chills I felt as my predictions became true with each and every detail being spot on. As we started having more of an open discussion about it and realizing that even as a child, I could sense and feel what other people were thinking and feeling...so if we talk about that, at 48 years old, it is probably many more years of experience than 30 years.
After that, I was sought after to be a matchmaker, I listened and answered questions regarding love, I truly was the one who was always there to help, my predictions were very powerful.
Whether STRAIGHT or LGBTQ, I search for the miracles in your life that give you purpose, I will tune into your energies and guide you through the cards. I am an expert Tarot reader and will tune into your thoughts and motivations so I can help you move forward. That is what I use my God given talents on now, I want you to feel the positive vibes that I will share with you so you can live your best life.

I specialize in love issues and giving relationship guidance as well as career advice; your ultimate happiness is what is most important to me. I want to be able to give you the insight which will help you decide which positive and lasting changes to make in your life so you can begin to see the miracles happen. I do not sugar coat, truthfulness only....

It is most productive to have your list ready before you call. I am here for you to answer questions, I don't give general readings.....

It is my pledge and calling in life to help you. As I use my gifts to assist you, it is my sincere calling to help you find joy in life. That being said, I will be here for your joys and your sorrows, you are welcome to question me about anything and I am here to listen.
I have been blessed, I know you have been to and will blossom into your true potential.
Wishing you many, many blessings


A-MAZ-ING she picked up fast and didn’t ask any questions, just went straight into answering my questions and didn’t give opinions just want the reading was showing her . When I seek advice and insight from an advisor that’s all I want is what the cards show. She was always very compassionate and caring!! I sent her a thank you email and she replied right away and Even gave a little more insight! Thanks again Witt!!

1 week ago User800886 chat
She is amazing, its funny to just meet or interact with someone and be so in sync. I truly appreciate you! Thanks for all of your help and generosity

1 week ago JANET041877 chat
5 stars every time ! This women is a GEM! She tells it like it is, comforting , caring and real!

She was so helpful with my situation and really cares. I value what was told to me and I did what she said to do, and it made a difference. She is really intuned in her gift. Give her a try as she just became apart of my favorite list. Happy New Years!!!

WOW!!! What an incredibly genuine person!!! So kind and thoughtful.... reading was on point, and she delivered the ‘bad news’ gently, and with compassion. I appreciate that so much. Thank you! Can’t wait to chat again!
Approach to Topics
Using my inherited psychic abilities and as an empath, I will guide you through any circumstance with truthfulness, absolute respect and kindness in a gentle way. I have been blessed with the gift and am a very good listener but this is ONLY for people who can handle the truth.
I combine the rational with the intuitive to help steer you towards your passion so you can live your best life and see the miracles that are out there waiting for you.
Whether STRAIGHT or LGBTQ, everyone just wants to be loved and appreciated. I want to help you find your twin flame.
Tarot Card Specialist
I am quick and efficient, please ask questions and have them ready for me
When we are done, I give a free email question any time...and I am always available if you need to talk on email...so never hesitate if you need me.
I wish you many, many blessings~
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