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Miss Lady Lavender
Miss Lady Lavender
"Hey, what's your sign?" Astrology Readings
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Are you compatible? Do you truly understand yourself? Find out what astrology has to say about you and your relationships beyond just the sun signs.
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From a very young age I've had a deep interest in astrology, the zodiac, the constellations, the stars and planets in the sky.

*I always had a feeling that there was so much more than what was happening here on planet Earth.

*I always was able to feel the energy and knew somehow that the source of that energy was from the heavens above.

*Astrology has been a big part of my life and has guided me, helped me through many life situations good and bad.

*I'm here to help you get some answers.

*I'm here to help you have something to look forward to.

*I'm here to help enlighten you and guide you and help you understand people and places.

*I have done a tremendous amount of research and I've become an expert in calculating birth charts (natal charts).

*I also am well-educated in every sign of the zodiac.

* Let's explore!
Approach to Topics
My approach is always been one of honesty. I am very upfront and very direct.

What benefits does astrology have for us?

*It can help you understand yourself better.
Astrology can help you see yourself up close and personal.

*Astrology can help explain what the heck is going on! Life can get complicated, and it's nice to know what's going on behind the scenes.

*Astrology can tell you about different phases in your life. Anything from past experiences, to what's currently happening, to future events. Astrology can help you see what you should be doing an order to use the astrological influences around you to your advantage.

*Astrology can reveal where you're going next. It can give you the foresight into where you could go. It can help you focus on certain things that are happening now and also help you to prepare for things that will happen later in life.

*Astrology can give us all hope. It can help you to quickly see when the rough patches will eventually end and how something beneficial can come out of it.

*Astrology helps you understand others better. It can help you understand where other people are coming from. And enlighten you from their point of view. It can give you insight on to someone's character. And it can also help see if you are compatible with this person of interest.

*The Good thing about astrology is that it doesn't sugarcoat the obvious. Planets, stars and the cosmos can be your best advisors if you're willing to look and listen to their message.

*Astrology can give you something to look forward to. Its definitely nice to know that there are positive peaks to look forward to and that you can have opportunities to tap into.

*Astrology can also give you specific dates. It can help you hone in on specifics of what you should do when you should do it. It also can help you to see that maybe something happening is a possible opportunity that you should consider.

*All in all astrology is very informative and it can also be a lot of fun!
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