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Susan Juniper-Wolf
Energy Astrology is based on a claim that each planet and light we use in our basic astrological approach corresponds to one of the chakras, while all signs and houses simply add their color to the story of planets.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
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Past Lives
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Aura Cleansing
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Susan is a Forida Licensed Massage Therapist since 1994. When she was introduced to CranioSacral Therapy in 1994, it spoke to her in a language like no other. I have worked with many tools over the last 30 years.....Tarot......Astrology.....Energy Work
Approach to Topics
Soul Astrology is the Astrology of your inner world. It tracks your Soul's journey through the twelve signs from Aries through to Pisces and can indicate where you are up to in your Soul development. Then by observing the energy dynamics of the signs in your own birth chart (horoscope) and watching how they play out (or not) in your life, you can come to see your Soul's essence working out throughout your life.
As we become more aware of our own energy field it becomes possible to relate to the higher and lower octaves of each sign which then helps us to see the difference between the energy of our Soul's essence and that of our 'ego', or fear-based 'habits' that we have picked up along the way!
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