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Brilliant Astrologer. Highly acclaimed 90 countries on my TV & radio shows. Down to earth, accurate vision into where your soul is transforming . Excellent timing. Love, work, guidance on your path. I care. Ext.4888
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My family was most significant in my entry into this "other" world. My Welsh grandfather talked to me of philosophy, other countries, and gave me an 18th century French Bible. I sat with him while he polished the gemstones he had dug in mines - absorbing the colours and energies of the stones and crystals. He also taught me to love animals - from chickens to dogs. My Irish grandmother held seances, and music/poetry evenings, and taught me how to "find" things. One night under an early evening sky my cousin told me about Astrology. I was 7. I was also seeing fairies in raindrops & at the bottom of the garden. People came to me to talk about what was happening in their lives - adults.I went on to get a traditional education in Philosophy. Psychology, Religion, and then, while studying , I also discovered an astrology teacher. I never looked back as I built on my family's roots. I studied Astrology, past life regression with Cayce, was certified in Shiatsu, many forms of healing including hands on, music, colour, (auras), dream analysis, (Freud), and much more. I followed the Standing Stones around the British Isles with my children, and Temples in India and Meso-America. From my other grandmother I learned about gardens and flowers, and later herbs. The fairies of my childhood became Angels as I matured, and I have been visited and healed by many beautiful visions. I once experienced three days where angels took over my home to "upgrade" me - giving me a major healing & transformation, changing the electricity & energies in my home. I have had gorgeous feathered angels visit me, little golden ones, brilliant jewel-colored ones, & many majestic & very different angels, such as teaching angels, healing, guarding angels, who sometimes appear in my readings for other people, such as might visit here for you as I read.

I was told by a NY psychic, when I was 20, that I would always have many angels around because they knew they could use me as a messenger to others. And so I have done through the years on my TV and radio shows. I have written and lectured all over the world from India to Russia to Brasil, London, Paris, and so many other places, where I was also taught by masters. Now I am the teacher - but still always learning. I have mentored and taught many who are able to use astrology in their daily lives, and with their families. Many are now professionals themselves. I was the first woman invited to lecture in India, to all men, who also taught me HIndu Astrology. Many leading astrologers and other professionals have worked worldwide in organizations I formed. I also once wrote the international astrological professional qualifying examinations.

When I was a baby an itinerant phrenologist read my "bumps" - my head and face, and said I would never be a good dancer. He also said I would always be teaching, but needed to be careful not to pour too much of myself into it or I could become exhausted.

In college I had the fantasy that, if I just knew enough, I could stand on the top of the Empire Building & just tell everyone everything they needed to know. However, the trick is really to find a way to inspire people to want to learn themselves. And that is what I have tried to do in my writings, my lectures, & my shows.

Once, as I was coming out of a supermarket, a woman recognized me from my TV show. She came running over, and she said, "I always hated politics - but you have made it interesting!" That made me very happy, because "politics" is about all of us - and we need to be involved to make this world a better place. I have always had political commentary & predictions on my shows. I predicted the first Space Accident, pipes breaking in NYC, Bill Clinton beating Bush, and more.
As the seed is planted, so grows the tree. I have been very lucky to have had many people helping and guiding me along the way. That is what I now try to do for others.
Approach to Topics
Each person is an individual, & readings are designed to fit what I sense you uniquely need. Of course I use tools - my most important tool is my brain, & I add to that all my other tools: my skills & life long learning & experience.

I am clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient - which means I hear things, see things, & feel things. Clairaudient means "clear hearing/audio", - I pick up a great deal from your voice, so I do need to be able to hear you clearly. Please don't call when you have to whisper so you don't wake someone up. I am clairvoyant, "clear-voyeur/seeing", which means I see things -I may visualize scenes of events, or people, or auras. I am clairsentient, meaning I sense things - I may empathize with your sadness, or feel your mood. I consider all these abilities to be part of any advisor's "tools".
Whatever kind of reading you want, I begin with the astrological chart. The chart is the most accurate & demonstrable foundation of any reading. At the beginning of the reading I will ask for your date, month, year, & place (town, country) of birth. I ask you to have your TIME of birth. This is usually obtainable from a parent, birth certificate, or hospital. The word, "Horoscope" means "hour pointer". Your chart is based on the moment of your birth. There is no one on this planet the same as you - even someone born the same day, month, year & place. Your time of birth is what individualizes you. If you have had an astrological reading from an advisor who did not ask you for your time of birth, you have not really had an astrology reading. This is important because sometimes I have people tell me that "astrology doesn't work for me." Inevitably such a person didn't have a timed reading. If you don't have your time, I can still give you some information, but it is limited to cycles and character rather than specifics. Your time of birth is your "Life Clock", & is the most accurate form of future timing available in most cases. Such questions as "When will I get a new job?" "What is happening in the next 6 months?" "When is the best time to get married?/start a new business? sell my house?" Your Time is your Magic Key which activates and gives life to the horoscope.

The old name for an astrologer was "mathematician", because the astrologer had to be precise in measurements, in timing. We were the ones who predicted & measured the cycles of the year, of eclipses, of weather, & in our daily lives. If you want to catch a train leaving at 11 pm, you can't show up at 11:10. So in astrology - timing is precise within the cycles. If you want me to look at a relationship, please have as much of the same information for that person as you can. I can see a great deal about 2 people, or a family, but the more of the necessary information the better. In a mediumship reading, the astrological chart is still of value as it moves beyond death. Same with pets - try to have the birth information, though usually people don't, so I have to rely on some of my other psychic "tools".

I will also ask you what you want to know about. This is mainly to save you time, & to focus. I will usually be able to see what's on your mind when I look at your chart, but it helps to begin the reading where you want to go. I will then bring in other issues I notice. You are not limited to one topic. You can ask about love, work, friends, the future, or almost anything. I prefer to start with relationships if there is another person so I can then move to focus on you. If you have 5 children, we can look at all of them.

Astrologers were the original healers/doctors/psychologists/dream interpreters. Read Shakespeare for insight into how much astrology was used in his day - & the public was knowledgeable.

I don't do "Yes", or "No" questions, as they are not adequate. I don't do names or test questions. I don't like "general" readings because invariably there is something specific on your mind.

What I do do is give you my very best.
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