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I have 30 years experience in the study of Metaphysics and 20 years in Astrology. I am the best astrologer you will ever know. I am skilled in Natal chart, transit and progressed chart readings and I do include the Vedic Dashas. I can also help with Astrocartography or locational astrology if you are considering a move. Astrology cannot lie and Fate must be respected. I need your Birth Date, Place and TIME of your birth. Please do not guess at your birth time. I also offer chart rectification which is a process of questions to approximate your birth time in case you have no way of obtaining it. You can also email your birth information to me prior to your call to expedite your reading.I have always been a philosopher and empath. I have studied magical things since I was a child and always went to astrologers for guidance. It was through my undeniable experiences with astrology that I chose to become an astrologer myself and I have been a devout student of astrology for the past 18 years. I am also a writer and can compose detailed affirmations based on your astrology chart that improve and heal your own self-concept and increase your self-love. When we love ourselves from the core of our being we are better able to manifest what we truly want in life. I have a vast background in performance and also create sacred rituals using astrological coordinates to enhance manifestation. Knowing where the stars are and how they are effecting you personally are the keys to using the abundant energy of the universe in manifesting your hearts desires. My whole life has been a journey of increasing my empathic and psychic awareness. I get impressions and visualizations when looking at your chart that aid in the process of uncovering your personal matrix. I am INFJ/P on the Myers Briggs scale and have both abilities of pattern recognition and perception available to me.
Approach to Topics
I am able to see deeply into your life and will not offer up information you have not requested. So please have a clear idea of what questions you want answered. I am an extreme empath and have your emotional welfare at heart. I will be able to read how the momentary planetary weather is affecting your personal chart and will do so will compassion and care. This enables you to make clear decisions and to utilize the current trends to the best of your ability. If you are launching a business or getting married an astrological reading and date is crucial for long term success. I have also created Astrological Performance Medicine which utilizes your birth chart and detailed affirmations that heal your chart afflictions when you recite them. Performance Medicine is like a personalized mantra for your soul. If you are in finance, playing the stock market or making personal investments I can help you time your actions for the best results. I am a detailed astrologer that can pinpoint where the current planetary phases are affecting your different life areas. Are you being challenged with finances yet blessed with work and family? When will the money come in? When will love come in? Are you getting a divorce? By assessing the planetary influences to the house locations in your chart I am able to decipher when your periods for luck and expansion will arrive and how you can best take advantage of those times for your benefit. Remember, Millionaires do not use astrology....Billionaires do.
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