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Acharaya Honey
Vedic Astrology for Relationships and Career
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Vedic Astrologer with a Modern Approach for guidance on personal, professional and social life! Get a sound perspective and solutions for problems in love and relationships, career, confusion or a moment of indecisiveness.
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I’m an Astrologer with over 12 years of experience. I hold specialisation in Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra. I have been awarded the titles of Jyotish Acharaya (equivalent to Masters degree in Astrology) and also doing Research at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi - known to be the finest institution for Vedic Astrology.

Be it love, relationships, marriage, career, education, money or a moment of indecision, a reading from me will facilitate you to the right decision at the right time. Business professionals, designers, artists, and people from all walks of life seek my guidance on a continual basis. I am also an avid writer and blogger.

I am an Economics graduate from the University of Delhi, MBA and Advanced Global Management Programme from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (UK). I am also a part of the research group at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. A professional HR consultant since the very beginning of my career gives me a knack of understanding the situation and devise relevant solutions in any situation or circumstance.

However I have been inclined towards Astrology since the time I was 5 years old because my grandmother was a firm believer in planets and the celestial play. This inspired me to become a keen observer if behavioural patterns in people and the impact of signs and planets in different aspects of their life.
I began by reading books on Astrology but after my formal education decided to go for formal training in Vedic Astrology because it was my real calling.

Vedic Astrology is a system which allows precision in readings, the detailing that can be drawn amazes me and accuracy of the dates and time lines makes predictions reliable.

With a rich experience in giving clarity in times of confusion or indecisiveness, I offer behavioural solutions along with Astrology remedies and small changes that you can make in your environment for immediate relief.

I can give you a sound perspective whether it for problems in love and relationships, financial crises or career.

Looking forward to meet you!

Approach to Topics
I’m an Astrologer with over 12 years of experience in offering readings and solutions for problems in love and relationships, marriage, career, money and finances.

I’m an empath and love helping those in distress with the help of ancient and time tested techniques.

Please share the following details:
Your Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Place of birth

In case you don’t have the above details, I will use the Prashna Technique which gives answers based on the chart formed at the time the question is asked.

Readings Offered:

1. Love & Relationship
This reading will reveal to you the kind of relationship you share with your partner physically, emotionally and socially. I can forewarn you regarding potential conflicts or power struggles in the relationship at the same time delineating your mutual areas of interest and harmony.

- Is he/ she your soulmate ? If not, when will you meet your soulmate?

- Is he/ she interested in you?

- Are they serious about you?

- Should you make the first move ?

- Will you end up Dating / Marrying/ getting disappointed?

- Characteristics of a prospective partner?

- How will you meet them?

- Will we get back together?

- Will I meet someone new?

- How will I get along with their family?

- Effects of Mars and Venus in your marital life.

Note : Share your and your partner’s birth details (Date, time and place) if possible.

2. Career & Finance 

- What is more suitable - Job or Business?

- When will I get promoted?
- When will my start up likely to do well?

- Will I relocate to another city because of work?

- Can there be a break in work? 

- Should I take take a break to study ?

- Sudden loss of job or Loss in business

- What is the most suitable career for me?

- When will I my income increase?

-When will I find tenants for my property?

-When will my investment give return?

- When will I buy a new car?

- When will I buy a new house?

3. Education & Academics 

- Is it a good time for further studies?
- Should you take a break from work to study further?
– Suitable subjects
- Level of your education

- Performance for a specified period 

- Creative potential and extracurricular activities.

4. Birthday Reading

- What will be the highlight of the year?

- What opportunities and challenges should I look out for this year?

- How will it be for my love life ?

- How will finances be this year?

- Astrology recommendations for this year.

5. Gem Recommendation
After careful observation of your chart I will give you suggestions on which particular gem to wear in order to increase positivity and reduce negativity in your life thereby cosmically helping to strengthen the problematic and weak areas of your life.

- Which gemstones are suitable for me ?

- Which gemstones to avoid ?

- Specific date and time to wear the gemstone? 

- Gems act as a subtle antidote to certain bad influences of planets in your life.

6. Travel
- Will I travel this year?
- Good dates to travel
- Good locations / directions to travel

7. Muhurat: Electional Astrology
Know the most Auspicious dates and time to enhance the positive effective of your activities such as:
- Going on a date
-Making an important phone call
- Sending an important email
- Buying a house, car or something significant
- Moving into a new house or office
- Marriage

Endorsed Strengths
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  • Helpful · 3
  • Honest · 3
  • Kind · 3
  • Accurate · 2
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