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Let the Stars show you your destiny, guide you to your new career and help you find the perfect match. There is a story in the stars that was told in the moment you were born, let's see what it has to say!
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Astrology came to me as a young adult and right away I was excited to dive in. A Kind Mentor guided me to particular books and guided me as I studied my own chart, my child's chart and other's around me. I found that my Sun sign as a Virgo leads me to astrology, I analyze! Using my biggest strengths, my destiny node and the placements of my planets leads me to helping other's heal with astrology. Now, 25 yrs later I offer printable charts for children, young people entering adulthood, people in their saturn returns first or second, and even couples. Offering full interpretations uniquely based on the alignments of the person or even moment. Keep it to refer to for your entire life. I also offer horoscopes to help an individual make educated choices based on the science of the stars.
Approach to Topics
I am very direct and to the point. Once I have the planets and alignments in front of me the words and explanations will begin flowing out like a river. Direct, practical and intuitive with my Virgo sun fully engaged and pulling from my 4 planets in the 12th house. I am fully engaged with your chart and my intention is to help you find your strengths, destiny, and challenges. I am also known for offering positive affirmations and strategies to deal with our biggest shadow topics. Your reading could include a horoscope which Hollis will apply their knowledge about the planets, transits, houses and signs to help you through what's happening today.
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