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Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
Intuitive Astrology Readings
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Find out what is the driving force behind your relationship~ Understand your destiny, your Karma, your compatability with a mate~ Guidance on another's current life path and lessons for the ultimate understanding~
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Astology has been used since the beginning of time and has been a helpful guide for people going through life needing answers to lifes cycles and rythyms and why you were born. The lunar nodes tell me why you were created, your purpose and your destiny. The first modality I learned on my spiritual path to understanding was Astrology in 1982. I learned the basics of Astrology from an ancestor which led me to fully understand my own life lessons and the why behind life. The day of your birth and why you were born are the most important questions you will ever have, and when you understand these truths, your life can be lived with purpose and fulfillment. Astrology is the first modality I learned and what several other modaites of guidance derive from. Understanding this modality can give you the best possible timelines for love, career, family and progress through your life. I also utilize guided imagery, hypnosis, tarot and runes , in all my readings I utilize my empathic abilities to explain the passages you are living through.
Approach to Topics
My readings are provided using the Tropical Placidus plotting system and I utilitze a cognitive explanation as well as an intuitive approach in translating your Natal Chart and the impact it has on your life and your current placements (a progressed chart ).
Your natal chart is the starting point to your soul's and your life destiny. Astrology is not Astronomy, but has similaries, I do not just study "the planets", I study the impact of the planets on your life and dispostion and more importantly your destiny. Astrology is a series of mathmetical points which comprise a system of operation which can be charted. I integrate an intuitive approach when interpreting your chart or your personal stamp on life. My approach is in keeping with the understanding that we are all on a path of self- actualization (to become everything one is capable of being) and avoiding the time wasters and detractors along the way.
I provide past live reports, destiny reports and compatability readings between two.
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