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Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
Guifted Intuitive Astrologer
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Natal chart interpretations, composite charts between 2 people or Destiny and Purpose explained. Karmic points, Benefic points and time frames provided, explained in a way that's understandable.
Astology has been used since the beginning of time and has been a helpful guide for people going through life needing answers to lifes cycles and rythyms and why you were born. The lunar nodes (points of the moon) tell me why you were created, your purpose and your destiny. The first modality I learned on my spiritual path to understanding was Astrology in 1982. I learned the basics of Astrology from an ancestor which led me to fully understand my own life lessons and the why behind life. "The laws of the sky" and the day of your birth (your purpose) are the most important questions you will ever have, and when you understand these truths, your life can be lived with purpose and fulfillment. Understanding this modality can give you the best possible timelines for love, career, family and progress through your life.
"Do you know the laws of the sky or make them rule the earth"? Job 38:33
Approach to Topics
My readings are provided using the Tropical Placidus plotting system, the program I use is Solarfire V9. Astology is not just for predictive use, it's for understanding our cycles of soul growth. I use a simple explanation as well as an intuitive approach in translating your Natal Chart and the impact it has on your life and your current placements (a progressed chart ). Your natal chart shows your destiny and the current life lessons and rewards to be expected. I find out your past life karma 5th & 9th house, and look at your 3 other karmic houses 4, 8 and 12 to see what you should avoid, who you should avoid and what you should do to achieve your goals.
The chart is the starting point to your soul's destiny. Astrology is not Astronomy, but has similarities, I became intrested in astrology because of the impact it has on human behavior. Astrology is life, the creators gift, without it we do not exist. I love to help others to understand why life can be unfair, challenging and even annihilating if not lived with respect for the lessons being given. Astrology is not standing on a mountain looking through a telescope gazing up at the stars, it is a complex plotting system created before us ( a system which created us) with the will of Spirit. Astronomy is a course of study considered a "science" used to understand climate, changes in the earth's constitution, water patterns and integrity of the planets sustainability. Astrology is more of a Spiritual school of study and not given much importance until it became an accredited university course of study. Astrology has been used before Astronomy or university training existed. Astrologers take a deeper more comprehensive look into the transits to understand and help humanity on this tough journey we make. My goal is to help you make positive choices in love, money and career path as well as offer compatibility readings using a "composite" chart of you and your poi. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses together can help you understand your path much easier.
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