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Javonta G
Javonta G
Zodiac Guidance based on Astrology
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With general observations on planet transits and using the divine tool of tarot, seeing what lessons and opportunities are coming your way can give you insight on what to prepare for, let go or even start!
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I became involved with astrology when I was about 12 and started by getting a book about the zodiac signs. 9 years laters, after many many research nights, and even signing up for individuals Patreon I am able to identify and recognize how transiting planets and retrogrades can effect individuals. I pride myself in the knowledge and observations I make when viewing issues from an astrological point of view as it may not always be what I want to hear but it’s always what I should consider doing to better myself and future aspirations.
Approach to Topics
When booking a reading with me please either have a birth chart ready for me to view or know the time and location of where you were born. By using this information I can get insight on how the astrological forecast could be affecting you and what things may be coming your way, I’m addition your what patterns may be repeating. Overall I do look at the signs the planets are in as well as the houses each planet occupies! Using these observations in addition to pulling some tarot cards for better insight, offering clear guidance and advice can be done with ease!
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