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Hello. I am Deborah. One of the Top Clairvoyant and Empaths. I would like to share with you messages and give spiritual guidance. Please read my feedback and you will see: . I encourage you to call me.!! I AM HERE FROM 10 am -1 PM central time and 4 pm -11 pm EVERY DAY. 27th-29th Am here for your calls!!! 2 FOR 2 SPECIAL TIL CHRISTMAS!! 2 QUESTIONS 2 TAROT CARDS PULLED 2 ANSWERS. WRITE TODAY The spiritual world was shown to me when I was 5 years old and I have been consulting the spirits ever since. I believe in what I see and know it to always happen. This is about the people and their lives. Not about ME! I try to speak with as much truth and clarity as I can. As the Native Americans say I do not speak with my tongue in the side of my cheek. It is all about YOU. I have studied every known religion to mankind and spent time in communal spiritual activities. I have studied meditation, transcental and visual, astral projection, and the scriptures of the Hebrew God Jehovah. I have studied the old stories of the African, Roman, Greek Egyptian Gods and the history of the Celtics and Anglo Saxons. I study continously the tarot, the ouija, the Native American animal paths and Sacred Mountain visionary tools. I have studied the Odin runes and the candle magic of the Wiccan. Sometimes when hanging up a 1 or a 2 rating shows up. If there is no written feedback I have found this was done in error. Many blessings marquee> MAY THE UNIVERSE BLESS YOU ALL
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