Keen Adult Content Policy  
  This Adult Content Policy forms part of the Member Agreement and is incorporated by reference therein. Capitalized terms not defined herein will have the meanings set forth in the Member Agreement and related policies.

To ensure that Ingenio listings do not inadvertently offend some Members or users and do not violate any relevant laws, Ingenio exercises its judgment in the best interests of its entire membership by allowing, segregating or rejecting certain listings. Telephone communications, discussions, postings and other services that may not be appropriate for all users, such as listings that include language, content, images and themes of a sexual or controversial nature ("Sexually-Oriented Content," as described below), are not permitted. Listings that are illegal in any jurisdiction are prohibited on Ingenio.

Does Keen permit Advisors to post Sexually-Oriented Content listings?


How does the Adult Content Policy pertain to the "Celebrity Models" category on

We are no longer allowing Playboy models, centerfolds, or erotic actresses/models within the "Celebrity Models" category.

Additionally, to guarantee the highest quality product for our customers and to maintain the integrity of the Celebrity Models category, we ask that you provide verification that you are a professional model and have been published in a recognizable online or print advertisement. We will require faxed verifications of your eligibility to appear in this category.

What kind of listings does Keen consider to be "Sexually-Oriented Content?"

Within the "Just Friends" category, you will not offer any listings or Advisor Services that contain language, content, images or themes of an adult, vulgar, profane or controversial nature (collectively, "Adult Content").

Material that Ingenio, in its sole discretion, considers to be Adult Content, includes, but is not limited to, the following content:

• Descriptive sexual language.

• Any reference in a listing to any form of sexual intercourse or behavior, actual, simulated or inferred.

• Any listing that contains sexually explicit or sexually related text or images (of partial or full nudity, including swimwear, provocative clothing or fetish-inspired content).

• Any listing or member name whose purpose is to sexually arouse a Member or cause lascivious or lustful thoughts.

• Any listing which is intended to let members know that the Advisor has listings that appear in Adult Content websites or other adult content locations.

• Any listing which, because of the nature or because of the description in the listing, appears to be designed solely to solicit sexual/adult talk, such as: "We can talk about anything", "Tell me your wildest dreams,", "Tell me your secrets", etc.

• Any listing whose feedback consistently indicates that the Advisor is engaging in Adult Content oriented conversations.

What will Keen do if it finds listings that contain "Sexually Oriented Content"?

If Keen finds a listing that it determines, in its sole discretion, contains "Sexually Oriented Content", Keen will mark that listing as not accepted and notify the Advisor via email of the change. If an Advisor repeatedly posts Sexually-Oriented Content on the Site, Keen reserves the right to cancel, without notice, his or her membership. Keen will take all appropriate steps with listings that Keen believes violate applicable laws, including cooperation with any investigation.

What will Keen do if it finds evidence of Advisors providing webcam services?

Providing webcam services is a violation of Keen's policies. If Keen finds that an Advisor is providing webcam services, Keen reserves the right to cancel, without notice, his or her membership.

What will Keen do if it finds evidence of Members seeking Adult Content or webcam services?

If Keen finds evidence of a Member seeking Adult Content or webcam services, Keen reserves the right to cancel, without notice, his or her membership.

What should Keen Members do if they see listings that contain Sexually Oriented Content on the Site?

If you see a listing that you believe is prohibited from the Site, please contact Play Fair by filling out a Support Form and selecting "Play Fair Inquiry" from the drop down menu. Keen will review the listing and determine whether to remove the listing from the Site and/or report the listing to the appropriate authorities. Ingenio appreciates your assistance in keeping the Ingenio Site free of material that is illegal or may be offensive to Members.

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