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The DruidLady

Janice Scott-Reeder

Druid, Witch, Root Doctor, Medium, Astrologer, pet psychic, Obeah Woman and Master Tarot Reader.

Change your life for the better. I come from a long line of psychics stretching back to the Scottish Highlands. Learn your future. Contact spirits of the departed, elementals, fairey and otherwise, or spirit guides. Have a working or spell created for your personal use. I have been doing this all my life. I, and my spirit partners, can help you enrich your life and find personal abundance. The Universe is abundant. You should have your share of health, happiness and wealth. Together, we can make it happen for you! Love questions answered. Astrological compatibility figured.

Papa Legba open the door and allow all things positive to enter. Allow abundance, happiness, love, passion and success to flow into our lives.

Thank you Papa!

Blessed Be!

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  Psychics Psychic Mediums Druid, Root Doctor, Witch, Obeah Woman   No Feedback
  $2.99     Arrange a Call
  Astrology Readings Astrologers Astrologer, psychic, Tarot, Druid, Root Doctor   No Feedback
  $3.00     Arrange a Call
  Psychic Readings Other Faery Readings   Not
  $2.99     Arrange a Call
  Astrology Readings Recorded Forecasts Your 2nd quarter spell guide for May 11 – 18th/08 (4 min. Recording Date: 5/10/2008)   No Feedback
  $1.99     Listen Now
  Psychic Readings Other 05/19-26/08 Druid/astro Weekly Spell Guide (4 min. Recording Date: 5/11/2008)   No Feedback
  $1.99     Listen Now
  Psychic Readings Other Winter Solstice/New Moon Spell for Your Desires (4 min. Recording Date: 12/20/2003)   Not
  $1.99     Listen Now
  Psychic Readings Other A Simple Money Spell and Chant (5 min. Recording Date: 2/26/2009)   Not
  $1.99     Listen Now
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