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Feeling lost, confused, and want to know how to attract abundance into your life? Look no further! My name is Amy and I can deliver the financial answers you seeking.
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My name is Amy. At the age of four, I began having visions and hearing the voice of my spirit guide, Xviiola. She would tell me things about my future, the people around me, and events that would later take place in my life. As time passed and I grew up, I realized that all of the predictions and information she offered me as a child were accurate and very truthful. That realization was the beginning of my journey into the realm of the unseen...

When I began practicing reading for my family and friends to test out my abilities, I found that I was able to tap into them very accurately - even predicting events, relationships, and breakthroughs that would unfold for them, time and time again. After graduating college, I decided to commit myself to this practice as a full time career in 2008. Since then, I have performed over 25,000 readings here on Keen alone and am quite grateful that I can help others find clarity, hope, and truth in times of uncertainty.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and minored in Psychology. I am also a certified RYT 200 Hatha yoga teacher.

In my free time, I enjoy artistic rollerskating, yoga, creating unique tie dye, dishing up creative vegan cuisine (YES - I am a vegan), and reveling in the beauty of the great outdoors.
Approach to Topics
For over a decade, I have been utilizing my intuitive ability professionally to help individuals around the world gain deep understanding and thought provoking insights about career, finances, and money. I can read into whomever I focus on with just a first name. I am able to identify and bring to light energetic frequencies within you that can keep you from what you desire most financially. I utilize the wisdom of the Tarot, along with a spirit guide I work with clairvoyantly and clairaudiently on the astral plane. My talents help others get in touch with and empower the "true authentic self", putting into motion dynamic vibrational frequencies that allow anything we wish to easily flow into our experience through vibrational attraction and the natural laws of the Universe.

My reading style is straightforward and compassionate yet very honest. I will not withhold any information I receive for you during a reading so please be prepared to hear only the uncut truth when you call. I do not sugarcoat situations or people to make them more palatable as this would be doing you a disservice.

Any abusive calls or chats will be terminated immediately without exception. Note: I am very honest with what I see and therefore advise against playing the law of averages when consulting multiple psychics. I am just the messenger and often disagree with the majority, so let time and events play out before leaving feedback please to be fair.
Honest feedback is always appreciated!
Thank you for understanding :)

Brightest Blessings,
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