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Adia Lee
20 year professional psychic. Accurate details. SOLID ANSWERS, FAST, your most advantageous financial plan, love, and living your happiest, most empowered life.
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Skills & Methods
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I was born a psychic knower, telepath, empath. I am also a reiki practicioner and Astrologer. I use these gifts to assist my clients in decisions they may otherwise find difficult. I also hold degrees in business and am an Entrepreneur.
Approach to Topics
My gifts are psychic, outcome prediction, telepathy and empathic. I was born with these gifts. I have professionally utilized them in my successful private practice for 18 years. Psychic is my profession and my life. I am not a weekend warrior. I take the gifts and my clients very seriously.

I believe specific clients and specific advisors are energetically drawn to one another. Thank you for heeding your draw to me as your potential advisor.

I am here to provide useful information and answers to you regarding your financial outlook. This includes decisions on seeking employment, promotion, business deals, investments, etc.

I am a Truth Seeker. I am a Problem Solver. I am a Fixer.

I am told I am a fast reader. I prefer to think of it as that I am an accuracy and efficiency Guru.

I specialize in relationships, family dynamics, career and finance, business deals and contracts, hard decisions, personal and spiritual growth, reading the thoughts and intentions of people surrounding you, including in your work place. I have helped hundreds of clients navigate through political tides, difficult bosses, business deals, etc.

I also am an astrology expert and a healer / reiki practitioner. Detail is my strong suit, in situations that lend itself to it. If my detail is low, then I am reading a situation that is rather stagnant.

My speech may become rather rapid, especially when I am channeling Spirit. Please feel free to record our sessions and / or take notes.

I firmly believe that TRUTH brings peace, even if it is unwelcome in the moment. False hopes are dangerous to ones mental and emotional well being.

I am here to as quickly as possible, and concisely guide you to your answers, your most advantageous financial game plan and to living your happiest, most empowered life. I am your AGENDA ADVOCATE and we will get this accomplished.

*Love* *Career* *Finances*
*Family* *Decisions* *Improvement of Quality of Life*
*Righting troubled relationships*
*Getting out of the wrong relationships*

I am excellent with cutting through the muck to the bottom line, I will know.

When I begin reading for a client, Spirit clears my mind of all else. My focus is solely on you.

What I am not / do not do:
I am NOT a Medium.
I do NOT do general readings. Not ever.
I do NOT bother myself with FB questions, i.e.: Is he stalking my page?
I do NOT waste time with aggressive or disrespectful clients.
I do NOT do pet readings (sorry)
I do NOT do spells.
I do NOT judge.
I do NOT do email readings.

I have ONE goal:
And that is to quickly and very accurately give you your answers and solutions.

I value my time. I value your time.

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