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Isabella Swan
I channel the Holy Arch Angels. Holy Arch Angel Michael very works closely with me, and provides me with Spiritual Protection. I give powerful messages directly from his lips. I recognize Twin Flames and Soulmates instantly.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Angel Readings
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Aura Cleansing
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Approach to Topics
I travel daily with the Holy Arch Angel Michael to the Akashic records. He shows me past lives, and he will show me yours I can see your Karmic contracts. I know your Destiny. I am a High Priestess and can assist with the energies around you. I have been chosen by God to assist Twin Flames and Soulmates find each other. I understand the difficulties of these intense and challenging relationships. I can help you move forward with your Twin Flame, so that you can live in Bliss and Harmony as you are Destined. If you are with your Twin Flame, you are destined to be together for Eternity. As, I am with mine. I am married to my Twin Flame and we have a delightful and loving relationship.He is Devoted to me. I am his world. He tells me so daily. We are very much in love and destined to be together for all Eternity. Would you like the same? Let me show you the solutions and open the right doors for you, so you are not separated from your Twin Flame like so many others are. SOLUTIONS. SOULMATES. TWIN FLAMES. DESTINY. ETERNAL LOVE. HOLY ARCH ANGELS. AKASHIC RECORDS. PAST LIVES. KARMIC CONTRACTS. REMOVAL OF NEGATIVE ENERGIES. REMOVAL OF EVIL SPIRITS. CHAKRA BALANCING. AURA CLEANSING. TWIN FLAME REUNION. SOULMATE REUNION. DESTINY. ETERNAL LOVE.
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