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Call me for a consult and we can look into your financial questions in a quick session. I am here for you!
I have a background from my family heritage being Irish, English and Scottish, I have lived in the USA and in Canada. My approach to topics you may ask about is that I first scan through your question as well as your goal. I quickly assess any obstacles and any information that you need in order to achieve your goals. If you want to let things unfold and check back with me, this is often a helpful quick consult into your endeavors.
Approach to Topics
This is an image of Los Angeles original days, I am devoted to the angels and was born on the Feast of the Guardian Angels. You might want to konw that I am a unique advisor as I am naturally gifted, I use no tools ( Such as cards) I am able to tune in to your question and ask the angels what is coming, what you can do differently, and I can help you discern people who are trustworthy or not. I just need your first name and the questions you would like to ask. Looking forward to hearing from you. Juniper Wind
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