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Financial Issues? Need To Know About Your Financial Outlook? Job Situations or Problems, Interviews? Financial Romance, Career Path, Money Situation, Answers, And Solutions. Timing And Position Is Everything. Let Me Help You
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Hello, my name is Andrew, "PsychicAndrew, and it is a privilege to have you reading this. I believe that karma sends my clients to me so that I can help them. Financial Outlook and other financial readings have been my core, this is how I started 37 years ago. I have the highest Star Rating available on Keen, my clients are my family.
I deliver honest answers and a gentle truth. Always

Your job, your boss, your coworkers. The people at the interview you just had, or the feeling the board had when you presented your plans. Jobs, finances, Money.
Think about the possibilities. Getting yourself on a financially strong foundation can help the rest of the things in your life. It can sometimes fix so much.

I do many romance, love, and relationship readings, and finances do come up a lot, but, you may also understand that I do not mind breaking those readings up with a good financial reading, it's nice, it is where I started reading, that was the first subject I started to specialize in when I was younger. My clients like me a lot.

I'm very good at financial readings too. I have a strong financial and Bussiness background and can speak with you while reading you. I can't give you legal, or health advice, or tell you how to invest your money. That's better left to professionals in that area, but I can read your outlook and help you with your financial path, money and job outlook, and your overall vibrational frequency when it comes to financial or other matters. I will read on all subjects so if you found yourself in this listing by mistake it is ok, just call or chat with me. If I am not available just arrange a call.

I am a professional in my area. Telling you what path you are on financially, and how to make it better if needed. Reading other people you ask me about, such as your boss, co-workers, or subordinates. I will always be honest and give to you the gentle truth about all situations. Knowing the answers to your questions, figuring out the best path is what I can help you with, and might be exactly what you need.
Do not wait any longer, I can help you, get things sorted out, and calm things down when you need that as well. I'm really nice, non-judgmental, I have been in bad financial spots myself, I can share my experiences if you ask, but more importantly, I can tell you where you are, and what you need to do in order to make things better.

Love and Light Andrew

Approach to Topics
My approach to helping you is honest accurate answers, and always the truth. the gentle truth, and solutions to help make things better. let's face it most people don't call me when things are great, they call me when they should call, to make things better.

Expect fast chats, no slow typing, great calls where I can connect to you even faster.
tell me what's going on with your particular situation, ask me direct questions if you can, if your unsure I will help guide you starting with what I pick up from you. I have helped so many people get out of feeling like they are under the empire state building. I help people get jobs, by telling them what I see matching them ahead. I can help you with interviews, and let you know what they are looking to hear from you and what they felt about you after the interview. I can tell you if someone is being unscrupulous with money or taking from you instead of giving to you.

Want to know about a coworker? Want the inside scoop on how your boss feels about you or your work? Do you like someone at work and want to know if they have feelings also? I can answer just about any question you have when it comes to financial outlook, money, jobs, and so many other topics.

37 Years of helping others. I read on Keen to help others so please allow me the chance to help you today. You can reach me anytime, ping me, arrange a call, ill be with you in minutes, or chat with me when I'm online. If I am not online, ping me and I will come online just for you. I want to help you, and I won't disappoint you. I am so easy to work with as my clients call it "Doing Work". Doing work on your life, that what we can do together. I can see clearly what is ahead. Let me do the seeing for you.

Make sure you take the time to read my blog, there are many articles about the financial outlook, and well there is some romance and relationship stuff in there as well. My mom, she used to be a very famous psychic, before she passed over to the other side. My grandmother was such a great Tarot Reader, It even spooked me out. When they passed over they left me with their gifts. It made me even stronger. I am a 3rd generation 5 star Master Psychic, but as far as I am concerned I am Your Psychic. Love and Light PsychicAndrew
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