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Are you where you want to be financially? Money is energy. I am an energy master. I can help you master money.
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Skills & Methods
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In my 'past life' I was always good at giving & always had a more difficult time with receiving. I had never made the correlation that money and energy go hand in hand in our financial success.

I was the person who would give to everyone else, run the energies to support others and then at the end of the day I was struggling to have enough money to pay my bills. Can you relate?

My life consisted of making 'just enough' to take care of expenses and if I ever wanted more than the foundational money to survive then I would take out second and third jobs to make up the income.

When I met my spiritual mentor she told me that I had to work on bringing what I did up in the spirit world down into the human world so I could manifest 'here.' Those powerful words completely changed my outlook on energy, poverty consciousness & a new paradigm of creating abundance instead of 'making money.'

I ran a pattern in my life where I would run so high on energy not even knowing why or what I was doing that by the time I was done running a marathon race with my energy my bank account would zero out or go negative. I had no idea at the time that the brain has to balance the numbers along with our psychic energies. The left brain numbers go along with the right brain intuition and they have to work in harmony together for actual financial success and stability.

Through many transitions of my money patterns, a great mentor & the knowledge to create sustained abundance instead of high's & low's I finally got to prosperity. Who knew such a simple adjustment to a simple concept of energy would shift how the money flows effortlessly in.

Are you ready to learn a new way and increase your value to increase your money?
Approach to Topics
My approach to the money topic is simple: INCREASE YOUR VALUE

During our financial session we will dig deep into the root issue of your money situation in order to extract the pattern that keeps your money in the pattern it is running.


We change you, we change the money.

Whether you are in poverty consciousness, paycheck to paycheck or you are a multi-millionaire has no influence on how we do a money session together. It is all about increasing value and value begins with SELF.

Come to the session with your financial questions, your monthly expenditures, your current income numbers & an idea of how much income you would like to add to your stream of wealth.

The more you know about your numbers in money, the easier it will be to work with the numbers to increase the ability to manifest more of what you desire & get in alignment with the increase in value.

Are you building wealth or are you drowning in money survival?

How you balance money is how you balance energy.

Are you ready to invest in yourself so your money works for you?


Then let's make sure the energy matches the money.

Come prepared, it is your value that is at stake.
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