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The Career Psychic
Deborah guides career-oriented professionals toward more effective workplace relationships. She also establishes which career options are in clients' best interests and how to maximize financial success.
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In 2019 Deborah celebrated her 10th anniversary doing psychic readings, and in the previous year she did more than 1,100 readings independently and for online services. With a B.A. with honors in journalism and political science and graduate school in sociology, Deborah's first career was in journalism and her second was with not-for-profit organizations in management, consulting and training.

She learned to separate her conscious mind from what was coming in from beyond during serious study of Taoist meditation and chi kung during the 1990s. An intensive period of personal healing on all levels corresponded with her realization that she had always had psychic abilities. Over time she learned to use them consciously in her family, workplace and relationships. Today she does psychic readings on all topics but specializes as a Career Psychic helping career-oriented professionals succeed.

As a Management Consultant for a national network of community development organizations from 1998 through 2003, Deborah also applied Bowen Family Systems Theory theory to organizations. Developed by psychiatrist Dr. Murray Bowen (1913-1990), Bowen Theory views the family and the organization as an emotional unit. It uses a set of concepts to explain interactions between the individual and the group. Deborah developed original theory applying Bowen Theory to the functioning of Boards of Directors and their relationship with Executive Directors.
Approach to Topics
It was during my 20 years in the professional world that I first realized I had psychic gifts and then learned how to use them. The workplace was a primary testing ground for learning how to read people and how to ethically and professionally use the information that came.

As an empath and telepath, it used to be that if someone around me was experiencing strong emotions, I got pulled in to their emotional field and experienced similar turmoil. At work, for example, I would walk into a room and literally sponge up any intensity happening there. I functioned as a lightning rod for any group’s drama. Other people were left feeling better while I was left basically fried – exhausted, defensive and teary -- and unsure why.

Then one day I was meeting with someone I was supervising who had messed up, big time. We were discussing how to fix the damage he’d done when a forceful thought barged into my head: “I need a drink!” Now, that was not a typical thought for me and I had no desire for alcohol at that moment. The obvious contrast between the strength of the thought and my lack of actual desire for a drink made me realize that the thought was not mine. From that day forward, I started to better discern between my thoughts and those of other people.

Within a few years I had become practiced at that discernment. One job involved a lot of collaboration and teamwork. Often during group discussions a new idea would pop into my head that I realized was not mine. I frequently tested it – if I held back and did not express the idea, usually the next thing that happened is someone else would say exactly that.

I also learned how to avoid being a lightning rod. By distinguishing between what was “mine” and what was not, I stopped taking on other people’s anxiety and was able to more effectively manage my own emotions. In the process, I also became more adept at reading an organization’s overall “emotional field” – increasing my already keen ability to walk in to a client’s agency and get an immediate read on its issues.

I'd always had a knack for quickly sizing up an organization, and I thought it was due to experience and a tendency towards systems thinking. I eventually realized, though, that my psychic abilities were a big part of the reason I could walk into an agency of any size and quickly understand its issues, allowing me to rapidly move toward finding solutions. Today in my psychic readings I am able to get a feel for a business or agency's "emotional field," including management style and how it treats workers -- which helps me guide job seekers as they make decisions about employment offers.

So today I help other professionals manage the highly charged energy that comes at them from bosses, co-workers and people they supervise. I also help people focus and narrow their overall career strategies and direction. If you have struggled with intense workplaces and difficult people, or you are debating which way to go with your work, you can benefit from my psychic insights.
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