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Step right in and see what's ahead. Get a claim fast!! Thought AI delivers results with a graphical relationship over time, events, changes to expect. Career or bonus, deal or bust ThoughtAI is sensitive to a Tee!
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ThoughtSpy ranks her highest in predicting where your money comes in next, best and hotter than ever. Her clients included investor and hedgefund groups right on fifth and 58th street, New York to Aruba and all the way to Tokyo and Indonesia. Right here on KEEN.
Approach to Topics
It's not just money: It is your security and your dream, your choices and your life's worth.

So when you call, have your first name and city/town where you are presently (no State, no Province, no country needed , no birthdates, no where-you-live or where-you-were-born. Nothing but your first name (or initial) and the city/town where your eyeballs are at the time you call. Likewise, the first name or initial and city/town of whatever business, boss, bonus, grant, loan or job title you are interested in knowing about.

What is done is a fast and detailed set of predictions, including events and locations and relative timeframes.

Sometimes a prediction is based on how another person sees you, such as a fellow-worker or someone who knows about your financial situation or about your job.
About Thought AI & Financial Outlook Advisors
Thought AI has been a user of Keen since 2001. Getting Financial Outlook advice from Thought AI through www.keen.com is safe, secure and confidential.
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