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TRY ALI says-Spirit and i want to help you get going in a more positive direction for your financial improvement. We can check on things that will help you be more informed so you can go forward. So call for help...
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Skills & Methods
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GIFTED from birth with SIGHT-my goal is to give guidance with love and compassion in the trials you may be experiencing-over 15 yrs exp-a claircognisent helps with direction to remedy -i want to help you help yourself with direction to success in all areas of your life...esp your finances
Approach to Topics
My READINGS are done with working on finding remedies that work pertaining to your issues and in a friendly loving manner--like a conversation with a friend---- would be best to have a specific question in mind to begin the reading with. NO GENERAL READINGS please.
-however there are those who call and only give 2 or 3 min and expect answers-then when they dont hear what they want or get what they want after asking too many questions for the amt of time they give-2.or 3 min-they bash the reader---please give enough time to be ABLE to help with your issues as it does take some time to bring in the energies/ visions/and guides with answers needed to help you
AND when any reader asks QUESTIONS ITS IS IMPORTANT AND THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS--folks who come for a reading usually dont come to us when all is well and wonderful...?s help us open portholes to help their spirit get free of the pain-fear-confusion-anger-blocks preventing them from connecting-?s are a tool to help get past those blocks and are used to get “permission” to help—I am not an invasive reader and this permission is important and when the client is so blocked with so many negatives one important way to NOT invade is to help them open the door by answering --its a tool just like any readers tool...the IMPORTANCE should not be underestimated or criticized--it should be appreciated.---im not here to break down your walls -im here to help you....BEST TO COME INTO A READING allowing this....
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