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"You deserve a relationship that feels,
looks and tastes like HEAVEN".


, truthful, loving tarot card reading for your love, career & life questions.I use TAROT & REIKI ENERGY. Email readings are available for a fee. Please take a moment to relax your mind before calling.

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I am empathic, a highly experienced,accurate and truthful reader. I will let Spirit take over and speak through me. Only the TRUTH.

Spirit guides me. Spirit has no timing, therefore it is always approximate. But I do read within slices of 3 months, therefore what I see will take place within 3 months.

I use Osho Zen Wisdom, tarot cards, Third Eye Vision, Reiki, Aura Energy & Dreams for confirmation. Call me for TRUTH ONLY. Remember, events happen in GOD's timing, not mine!


Please understand that lying to your reader as a way of "testing" is counter-productive and won't get your the desired outcome. Simply put,your Reading Won't be Accurate.

You're Openness and Truthfulness is VERY IMPORTANT. Come to me as I come to you, with an Open-Heart.

You may trust my honesty, accuracy and wisdom.

Please also visit my group of favorite advisors:
The Waves of Bliss


Chat online. Give me a few seconds to connect and layout the cards. If you don't see me typing, it's because I am tuning in to you. The Chat did not drop :-) Love your own self, love your own body, love your own face, love your own mind, love your own inner Self. Honor yourself.

Sit in a solitary corner and look at yourself. Say to your body,How beautiful this body is; it is endowed with such wonderful capabilities.God Himself dwells in it. The in-breath and the out-breath flow in it.

It has a mind that can think. It is the seat of bliss and gladness. How blessed I am. What more could I need? Is there anything I could want when I have such a perfect system? This is the best kind of love. --
Swami Muktananda

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  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers 5 Stars Truthful Love, Financial and Career Reader   No Feedback
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