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Thank you for visiting my site ~~~ my name is, Denise.

I'm a Licensed Professional Medium, Clairsentient,
Clairvoyant and Clairaudient.
Member of the A.T.A.

My abilities stem from a very strong Tapestry of
Generations of gifted family members that came before me.
From My earliest memories in childhood I have always
a second sight.

Combining it all with my extensive studies at
Delphi University and E.T. Seminary
I can help you build and maintain a more positive
attitude towards life.

Life's lessons have taught me well, I firmly believe
that one should not set their Goals and Dreams
by what others feel is important.

Listen to your inner voice and let that be your guide.

"My purpose in life is to help you find yours."

I offer you my ability to see outcomes
of situations with remarkable accuracy!

Let's start a journey together that will give you
the answers you have been searching for!

I will give you what you need to hear!

Remember that your destiny is not set in stone, and there's
nothing to prevent you from altering the outcome!
Circumstances can and probably will change,
based upon things that you do or don't do!

The answers that you will receive will enable you to make
the best decisions for your future concerning your
Love life $ or career issues


"Give me a Call"
Ext's: 0177785 ~~ 0114460 ~~ 0177786

E-Mail Readings
$25 (2) questions
$10 for each additional question.


Negative feedback means:

1. The seeker was upset/angry when calling which
never allows for a connection.
2. Seeker expecting reading to be 100% accurate/not possible
3. Seeker did not like the answers to their inquiry

Before leaving your feedback of a negative nature
please take a breath & ask yourself:

What is going on in this advisors life today
have they themselves been struggling with unforeseen
sadness that has come to their door choosing
to step past their discomfort to be there for you?

The advisor youve called is human & they do bleed
just like you, theyre here to help not harm
please show the same courtesy.

*** My Interview/write-up from the Wellington Express ***

*Please be advised that no reading is meant to predict, forecast with absolute certainty.
No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Healingintuitions/Denise C. will not be held accountable
for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.
For medical concerns,please consult a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney.

Written Listing Content & Buddha Photo Copyright © Protected! [2001]

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