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Frequently Asked Questions
Adding funds to your Keen account is easy. Simply visit Add Funds, to add funds to your account. Please note that the minimum amount to add is $10.
Call 1-800-ASK-KEEN (1-800-275-5336), enter your PIN follow by #. Press 4 for account information or to add funds. Press 1 if you would like to add funds or Press 2 if you would like to add a credit card.
You can find a Psychic Advisor several ways:
  • To find a new Advisor quickly, use our Best Match tool.
  • To find an Advisor for a specific topic, select the topic from the Advisors drop down menu. You can then filter by price, availability and ratings.
  • You can locate Advisors you've spoken with before on Favorite Advisors.
To request a refund, please write us an email using the Customer Support Form.
Not every Advisor posts a schedule but if an Advisor has a schedule, you will see it on their listing. If not, you can always contact them via Keen Mail or Ping.
Our Satisfaction Guarantee policy allows us to credit one unsatisfactory conversation every 30 days for up to $25.00. Please note that all requests must be submitted within 72 hours of the conversation. To request a Satisfaction Guarantee credit, please visit the Satisfaction Guarantee page and follow the steps provided.
To apply to become a Keen Advisor, simply visit Give Advice and begin your application. Due to overwhelming demand, applications may take several months to be reviewed.
You can find the Advisor's extension by clicking on their name to review the Advisor's full listing.
If there is an available promotion on your account, you will see a banner that states Redeem Now at the top. Follow the steps and the promotion will be applied.
Keen utilizes a billing option called Seamless Pay, which allows for customers to continue their conversation uninterrupted, at the Advisor's per minute rate. This option bills your account in ten-minute increments and automatically issues a refund for any unused funds.
Auto-Reload allows you to add a preset amount of funds to your account before or during a reading.
We want to get you connected with your Advisor as quickly as possible. Please let us know using the Customer Support Form what is happening so we can assist you right away.
Help Topics For Customers
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Keen is the world's largest network of talented psychics, providing psychic readings to help you find answers to your most pressing questions about love, relationships, career and more. Since we opened our doors in 2001, we've enabled 35 Million conversations for more than 14 Million satisfied customers. We offer:
  • Gifted Advisors - Our network of 1,700+ psychic advisors helps our customers find answers to their deepest questions.
  • Anytime, Anywhere - We're here when it's convenient for you 24/7 via phone, chat or app.
  • Private, Safe & Secure - Your conversations and psychic readings are always 100% anonymous and confidential.
  • Trusted Brand - Since 1999, Keen has been a trusted, reliable resource for psychic advice.
We're here to help!
Your account security is important to us. When calling Customer Support, please be prepared to provide your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
If you wish to contact an advisor, please use Best Match to browse for an advisor who suits your needs.
If you need assistance with your account please contact our Customer Support team or call the support line at 1-877-Keen-Help (1-877-533-6435).