Availability Status Options

Your Options page lets you review and/or change your phone numbers, time zone, schedule reminder and auto-reply email.
Time Zone
We need to have your correct time zone in order to connect you with customers for arranged calls. So please make sure your time zone is right, and if you're traveling, remember to change it.
Phone Number
The phone numbers you have on file on your Options page apply to all your listings, and all your statuses. Important: make sure we have the right phone numbers for you!
One of the best ways to get new customers (and stay in touch with old ones while you're away) is to have a personal email from you automatically sent out to everyone who writes to you at Keen. You can edit your auto-reply email here, so that it says exactly what you want it to say.
Note: your auto-reply email will be the same for all statuses.
Schedule Reminder
If you're using a schedule, you can choose to receive schedule reminder calls which will let you know when your schedule automatically changes your status to "Taking Calls."
When you're finished editing your options, click "Save" at the bottom of the page.