Keen Chat - FAQ

What is Keen Chat?
Keen Chat is an instant messaging interface similar to other live communication applications used across the Internet. It allows real-time conversation between two users of Keen. Once a chat has been initiated, either user can enter text, which will then appear on the other user's monitor.
What are the technical requirements for Keen Chat?
Keen uses your browser, and does not need any special software or downloads. Your browser (and any toolbars you may have enabled) must allow pop-ups from
How do I find advisors who offer chat?

There are many ways in which you can discover advisors who offer chat; the simplest is to visit any topic of interest on Keen and uncheck the "Call" filter, then select "Filter Listings."

You'll also see a "Chat Now" (or "Chat Later", or "Busy Chatting" depending on the availability status of the advisor) button on the advisors' listings (if they offer chat).

Are the prices the same to call or chat with an advisor?
Each advisor sets their listing rates on Keen. The rate is the same for calls and chat.
Are there rules and regulations related to using Keen Chat?
Yes, please review the Keen Chat Policy.
How am I billed for an online chat session?
It’s easy – we do it the same way as calls! If you have any free minutes with the advisor, those are used first. Then you can add money to your Keen account, and use those funds to pay the advisor's per-minute rate.
Does the advisor know when I am typing a message?
Absolutely. Each user knows when the other is typing a message as system text displays letting you know. If no one is typing, then no system text will appear stating such.
Can I leave feedback for a chat session?
Yes! We encourage leaving a rating and written feedback. Learn more about leaving feedback.
Can I read my chat messages later?
Yes. A transcript of all chats is available from your transaction details page.
How do I know when my account is low on funds?
Keen will display an alert when you have one minute remaining. Once your funds are exhausted, the session will pause while you replenish your account, after which the session will resume.
How do I end a chat session?
You can end your session at any time by clicking the "End Chat" button. The cost of the chat session will be deducted from the balance of your Keen account.
Can I chat and talk to an advisor at the same time?
No. You can either be in a chat session or on a phone call with the advisor but not both.
Is Keen Chat available outside of the US?
Yes, it sure is. Please review the list of countries where Keen is currently available to see if your country is listed.
What are the supported languages by Keen Chat?
Keen Chat does not translate into any other language. The words (language) you type will be exactly what the advisor will see. Should you and the advisor both speak Spanish, or French, or another language, feel free to converse in that language. The Keen Chat system supports all languages as long as both you and the advisor have the appropriate language packs installed on your computers.
What if I'm not satisfied with my chat session?
We want every experience on Keen to be satisfactory. If it isn't, please let us know by contacting Customer Support.
My question isn't listed here. What should I do?
Send us a support request via Customer Support and we'll get right back to you!