What are Appointments?
We know that life can be busy. Requesting an Appointment will allow you to connect with a Psychic Advisor at a time that is convenient for you.
How can I request an Appointment?
Go to your Advisor's listing, by clicking their name and click the Arrange Call button. Click the Request an Appointment link to schedule your desired date, start time, call length, and verify the Phone Number at which you can be reached. You must have at least 1 minute of talk time available to request an Appointment.
How long in advance can I request an Appointment?
You may select an Appointment date within the next 14 days.
How can I tell if my Advisor is accepting Appointments?
If an Advisor accepts Appointment requests, you will have the option to schedule an Appointment after clicking Arrange Call from their listing.
How can I cancel or edit my Appointment?
To cancel an Appointment is easy. Visit Arranged Calls, you will have the option to cancel or modify any pending Appointment requests.
What happens after I request an Appointment?
You'll receive an email letting you know that your Appointment request has been sent to the Advisor. An email will be sent once the Advisor accepts. Remember, you will not have a confirmed Appointment with this Advisor until they accept your request.
What happens if my Advisor doesn't accept my Appointment request?
If your Advisor does not accept the Appointment request, the call will not take place. Any funds you added will remain in your Keen account balance.