Making Money

NOTE: If you wish to increase your Listing Price to match your current take following the commission rise, multiply your price per minute by about 1.06%.
How can I make money on Keen?
If your listing sets a per-minute fee higher than the minimum platform fee, you'll generate money on every contact you receive -- for Live Advice and Recorded Listings alike.
Note: the minimum fee for Recorded Listings is 75 cents per minute.
How do I calculate how much I made during each conversation?
First, subtract the platform fee from the rate you're charging per minute. You keep 49% of the rest, and we keep 51%.
Note: We keep 51% of the fees you collect for Recorded Listings, and 51% of any fees you receive for Paid Mail.
How might a Psychics and Astrology call break down?
If your per-minute fee is $2.00 and you receive a call that lasts 10 minutes, first we'll collect $20 from the customer who called you. Then we'll deduct the 40 cents per minute platform fee for those 10 minutes, or $4.00. You'll receive 49% of the remaining $16.00, or $7.84 for that call.**
How much money can I generate on Keen?
That depends on how many listings you have, how interesting they are, how effectively you market yourself to potential customers, and how often you make yourself available to receive calls.
** Amounts used in examples are not guaranteed amounts and are subject to change at any time.