Member Names

What's a member name? How do I choose one?
Your member name is the name that will identify you (and your listings) to other members. You can use your actual name, or you can make one up.
Remember: your member name is used throughout the site, so if you use your real name, it will be visible to everyone!
Can I change my member name?
Yes, you can, by visiting your Personal Info page from the My Account page. Some facts to keep in mind:
  • We save your previous member names for 6 months, so no one else can take them. But if you change your member name more than once, you can only change it back to your most recent one, not to an older name. You can create as many new member names as you wish.
  • We don't forward Mail from old member names to new ones.
  • The URL of your home page ( will automatically change to your new member name. However, we don't redirect requests for your old home page to the new one.
Can Keen change my member name?
Yes. Keen reserves the right to modify, alter or suspend any member name at any time, at our sole discretion and without notice, for any reason whatsoever.
What if I'm offended by someone else's member name?
Contact us at [email protected]. We do not allow obscenities, profanity or hateful language to be included in member names.