Payment Options

What are my payment options?
You have several different options for funding your account. You can use your Paypal account or your credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and all credit cards emblazoned with a Visa or MasterCard logo), or any other card that has a Visa or MasterCard logo, such as a debit card, ATM card, or check card.
How do I pay by credit card?
You can enter your credit card information on the Payment Info page linked to from My Account. Then click "Continue" and type the amount you want to add to your account into the next box.
How do add my PayPal account?
To add PayPal to your Keen account, simply follow these steps:
  1. Exhaust the available funds in your account.
  2. Initiate a new call or chat with an advisor by clicking on their Call Now or Chat Now button.
  3. You will be prompted to add funds to your account before you can start the conversation, and at that time you can choose the Add a New Payment Method option.
  4. Choose PayPal, and follow the steps to authorize payments using your PayPal account.
How will charges I make appear on my statement?
Credit Card charges will appear on your statement as billed by "INGENIO KEEN.COM". PayPal charges will appear in your PayPal account simply as "Keen".
What if I want to use an ATM or debit card to add money to my account?
You can add money to your account with one of these cards the same way you do using a credit card, as described above.
Seamless Pay
Introducing Keen Seamless Pay
Seamless Pay is a beta feature offered by Keen that supports uninterrupted conversations between users. Using Seamless Pay, both customers and advisors are able to focus entirely on the advice exchanged, ensuring that customers fully experience and reflect upon the insights shared by advisors on Keen.
If your conversation has been selected for Seamless Pay, you'll be notified prior to your call by the automated voice system. Rather than interruptions for payment re-charges, you'll be able to continue your conversation until you choose to disconnect. As always, you can rely on Keen to only charge you for the minutes used to speak with an advisor.
If Keen is unable to bill your payment method during a Seamless Pay call, we'll pause the conversation and allow you to add a new payment method to continue.
Seamless Pay is in beta; meaning, we're still learning! We appreciate your patience and welcome all feedback to improve this experience.
Questions? We're here for you! Please call us Monday through Friday, between 7am and 7pm PST at 877-KEEN-HELP.