Placing Calls

How do I place a call?
  • Find an available advisor with whom you'd like to speak.
  • Click the Call Button next to their name.
  • Your phone will ring. Press 1 on your touch-tone keypad.
  • We'll connect you with your chosen advisor.
  • When your call is over, don't forget to leave feedback using your touch-tone phone before you hang up!
Can I use Keen if I only have one phone line?
Yes. You'll need to remember to disconnect and free your phone line immediately after clicking Call Button so that you can accept your phone call. Learn more about completing calls using one line.
Who pays for a call?
The person who places the call pays the advisor's listing charge.
How much does it cost to talk to an advisor?
Advisors set their own rates, which are displayed in their listings. This price can be anything above $1.99 per minute for calls (note: the minimum price will be higher if one or more parties live outside the U.S. or Canada; see International Calls).
What if the advisor I want to talk to isn't available?
You can send Mail to see when they'll be available, or arrange a call in the future in one of two ways: