Placing Calls

How do I place a Call?
Locate the Advisor you wish to speak with and press the Call Now button next to their information. A Call will be sent to the Phone Number on your account within a few seconds and all you need to do is answer the Call and then press 1 to accept the call.
To place a call to Keen over the phone, please call 1-800-ASK-KEEN (1-800-275-5336).
How am I billed for calls?
You are charged at the rate that the Advisor has set, per minute (ex: $1.99/min). Only whole minutes are billed.
Are the Calls recorded?
Keen does not record calls with your Psychic Advisor, so your readings are always private.
What if the Advisor I want to speak with is not available?
You have the option to Arrange a Call with that Advisor or request an Appointment if the Advisor is currently accepting Arranged Calls or Appointments. If not, you are welcome to contact your Advisor via Mail or Ping.
What should I do if I was unsatisfied with my Call?
Visit the Satisfaction Guarantee, select the Call you would like to be credited for from the list of eligible readings and include a brief description of why the reading was unsatisfactory.
How do I find a Psychic Advisor at my preferred price?
While browsing available Advisors, slide the price adjuster tool at the top of the page to your preferred price range. Adjust the left to select the minimum price per minute and adjust the right to select the maximum price per minute.
How do I find an Advisor I've spoken with in the past?
To find an Advisor you have spoken with previously, visit Favorite Advisors.