Seamless Pay FAQ

What is Seamless Pay?
Seamless Pay is a feature offered by Keen that supports uninterrupted conversations between users. Using Seamless Pay, both customers and advisors are able to focus entirely on the advice exchanged, ensuring that customers fully experience and reflect upon the insights shared by advisors on Keen.
Seamless Pay explained in 5 steps:
  1. If your conversation has been selected for Seamless Pay, you'll be notified prior to your call by the automated voice system.
  2. Using Seamless Pay, Keen will first facilitate your call using funds from your Available Balance. This provides you with an experience similar to the billing method you've been accustomed to on Keen in past years.
  3. Once you've exhausted the funds in your Available Balance, Keen will play a prompt that both you and your advisor will hear. This prompt informs you that the Seamless Pay experience is about to begin, and you will now continue your call at the per-minute rate - allowing you an uninterrupted conversation until you choose to disconnect.
  4. Once the conversation is completed, Keen will bill your default payment method for the remainder of the conversation.
  5. As always, you can rely on Keen to only charge you for the minutes used to speak with an advisor and nothing more.
What if I don't want the conversation to continue?
Once you hear the prompt announcing, "your call will now continue at the per-minute rate," you simply hang up to end the conversation and avoid any additional billing.
I just used Seamless Pay. Why am I seeing multiple pending charges on my credit card?
No different than the payment experience many of us find in our daily lives, whether checking into a hotel or filling up our car with gas, there are some services where the exact fee cannot be determined until after services or goods have been received. In such situations, it's common that the final fee may be different from the estimated fee (depending on room service charges or how many gallons of gas you require). Conversations with Seamless Pay are no different, as Keen can't predict (no pun intended) how long you'll speak with your advisor until after the call ends.
To ensure conversations can continue without interruption while not knowing the total duration of the call, we use a method called pre-authorization to verify that the credit card in use is valid. Periodically throughout the call, Keen will contact your bank to reserve a certain amount for your live conversation to continue. After your call ends, we will only charge your payment method for the minutes you've used. Any unnecessary pre-authorizations are reversed.
Although these reversals are processed by Keen immediately, certain banks may reflect such charges as "pending" on your credit card online activity. It's been our experience that nearly all pending charges are resolved within a few days and should not impact your ability to access funds.
Can I change my default payment method during a Seamless Pay call?
If Keen is unable to bill your payment method during a Seamless Pay call, we'll pause the conversation and allow you to add a new payment method to continue.
Who is eligible for Seamless Pay?
Currently, Seamless Pay is a Beta feature, available to a set of randomly selected users. We are starting small so that we can perfect the feature before releasing to all users. Don't worry, we're hoping to make it available to everyone in the near future.
What if Seamless Pay isn't for me?
Since Seamless Pay was launched, it has improved the quality of conversations for hundreds of valued customers. We encourage all selected customers to experience uninterrupted conversations and give it a try. After that, if you no longer want to participate in Seamless Pay, please contact Customer Care at 877-KEEN-HELP. We are glad to assist you.
What if I have additional questions?
Please contact Customer Care with any additional questions or comments at 877-KEEN-HELP, Monday through Friday from 7am-7pm PST. We also welcome you to contact us by submitting a Customer Support form online and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.