Stuck on Busy Tool Beta

Occasionally, system advisor availability status can become out of sync, displaying a listing as being "Busy" when it's not. Should you find yourself in this situation, you can reset your status to "Available" by using the Stuck on Busy Tool. This tool is considered to be in "beta", offering only the very core of the planned functionality. If you have any problems with using it, please contact Customer Support via the customer support form.
Using the Stuck on Busy Tool
The tool is located on the Change Status tab of the Availability Manager. To find it, navigate to: My Account > My Availability (View Details) > Change Status:
Screenshot of Availability Manager, showing Stuck on Busy Tool
If you suspect you're stuck on busy, simply click the "Verify Busy Status" button. A yellow message area will appear at the top of the "Change Status" box.
It will either confirm your status as "Not Busy"…
Screenshot of Not Busy Status
…or will confirm you're "Busy". If your status is "Busy", you can clear your status by clicking a simple text link:
Screenshot of Busy Status
When your status is reset, the message area will again display "Your status is 'Not Busy'".
A Word of Caution
Do not reset your status when you are actually on a Keen call or chat!
In doing so, the following will happen:
  • You'll be shown as available when you're actually busy, and
  • Customers will attempt to call or chat with you, and
  • You'll miss the call or chat, and
  • You'll lose points (for missing a call; missed chats do not currently lose points), and
  • LVS will be negatively impacted (your purchase rate for the particular listing will go down).
In summary, improper use of this tool will negatively impact you, the experience your customers have when trying to reach you, and your rating points and LVS.