User Surveys and Studies

Keen occasionally conducts research on the usability of our website and voice portal, including online user surveys and in-person usability studies. The findings are used to improve your experience when using the Keen service.
How can I participate?
We need two things from you: Your valid email address, and permission to contact you via email. Both can be updated by going to the My Account › Personal Information page:
I received an email about participating in a study. Is it really from Keen?
We work with a company called Resolution Research to recruit and schedule the participants for our usability studies. If you are invited to participate in a study, you may receive an email directly from a representative of Resolution Research. If you are ever unsure if communication from (or on behalf of) Keen is legitimate, please submit a customer support request
Where are the studies held?
Most of our user testing takes place in Glendale, California, in the greater Los Angeles area.
How are participants selected?
It depends on what we're testing. If we want to survey existing Keen users, the first criteria is always whether we have a valid email address and the user has opted in to receive news and special offer emails from us. If both those criteria are met, then some other filters might be advisor (or customer), transaction volume, geographical location, etc. We do not keep a list of users who would like to participate in studies; instead we pull lists based on the criteria just mentioned.