Tell a Friend

Want to tell a friend how awesome your Keen advisors are?
We believe in giving credit where credit is due. For each one of your friends you refer to Keen, receive $25 in Keen credit!
How Tell a Friend works
It's simple! Refer anyone you know who hasn't tried Keen before and not only will their first three minutes be free, but you will also receive $25 in Keen credit for qualified referrals. Your friends' email addresses will never be sold or used for promotional purposes.
How to refer a friend
  • Your friend must be new to Keen or any of its partners or partner sites.
  • Your friend must respond to your referral within 30 days of receiving it, otherwise your friend's 3 free minute gift and your $25 referral reward will expire.
  • Your friend must add their own payment method (credit cards issued outside of North America or with an international billing address are not eligible), and phone number that have never been used on Keen.
  • Your friend must spend a minimum of $7 of their own money on Keen.
  • Both yours and your friend's account must be in good standing for 30 days.
*Note your friend must use the link that you sent to them to take advantage of this offer
I referred a friend, why didn't I receive the $25 bonus?
If for any reason you do not see your $25 Keen reward applied to your account please contact our customer service team, using the Customer Support form and we'll be happy to investigate it for you.
*Please note: Keen reserves the right to alter, cancel or suspend the Tell a Friend program at its sole discretion.