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"For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."

-- Kahlil Gibran


Iyafadara "Iya"is an amazingly accurate, gifted and compassionate Psychic/Medium Tarot Reader and Life Choice Consultant. Through Iya's insight, clients are able to find clarity for questions of love and romance, relationship, life choices, money, business, finances, career and much more . . .

Is this a good investment? . . . Should I start my business now? . . .
Is this the right car to buy? . . . Should I buy this computer? . . .
What color should I wear on my date? . . . Is this relationship right for me? . . . Are they married?

The internet is a valuable research tool. There's nothing more satisfying than getting information live from a highly qualified, professional, personable person in a private one-on-one conversation. Throughout the years, Iya's uncanny intuition has guided people to more successful lives.

Iya's Specialties Include:

  1. Tarot
  2. Everyday life questions
  3. Para-Psychology
  4. Dream Interpretation
  5. Astrology
  6. Numerology
  7. Traditions, Rituals & Cultures
  8. Herbology
  9. Mystical Yogic Sciences & Spiritual Healing Techniques

Iya is a direct descendant of successful spiritualists and Fortune Tellers dating back hundreds of years. Iya's Clients have often been known to refer to her as . . . "The enchanting timeless voice of the Oracle."


"Iya, while having dinner with some of my priest friends from West Africa, they began talking about how one could tell the true Ancient Diviner by the sound of her voice. As they gave greater detail, I thought . . . Wow! That's Iya!"
"Thank you for your help always Iya."
--Love, Barry.

"Iya, you have the captivating voice of the Enchanted Fairy. Thank you for being there!"--Julia.

"I have a Master Degree in Architectural Engineering and own my own firm. After reading Iya's bio, I decided to get a reading concerning some pressing issues in my life. All I can say now is that the closest I can relate the reading to, is what I imagine traveling ahead in time is like. Iya was able to provide me with information that helped to circumvent some personal problems, aid me in a vital relationship decision and turn what was going to be a catastrophic business venture into a prosperous financial success!" "Thank you so much Iya!"

"Iya doesn't tell the client what to do. She rather assist the client in seeing more clearly the positive choices and possibilities existing in their unique situations. Helping to put them in contact with those inner clear characteristics that can better guide them to where they need to be." "Thank you Iya!" --John

"Iya, using timeless, African scientific methods to bring your better you to a RICHER and much more rewarding future." "Thank you Iya!" --Kathleen


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  Psychics Financial Outlook FINANCIAL FORECAST - STOP WORRYING!!!   5 stars
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  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers Iya - SEER OF LOVE! AMAZINGLY ACCURATE PSYCHIC!   5 stars
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  Astrology Readings Astrologers Iya's Email Readings! AMAZINGLY ACCURATE!   No Feedback
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