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Special Offer:
Get your first reading for just $1.99
Offer applies to the first 10 minutes of your call or chat with a Keen Astrology expert. Valid for new customers only.
Why talk to an Astrologer?
Online horoscopes are great. But nothing compares to a 1-on-1 analysis from an expert Astrologer. Keen advisors ask questions to understand your world. Then they provide clear, deeply personal guidance on life’s most important matters.
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How do I know if a reading is right for me?
If you have life questions, need guidance, feel stuck or simply want to better understand yourself, a reading can be a great solution. Many people seek an assessment of their current situation and path forward.
What can I expect from my reading?
Come with an open mind. Your advisor will ask for your name and birthdate to uncover insights about your life and provide personal guidance based on your astrological chart.
What topics do Keen Astrologers cover?
With hundreds of advisors, it's easy to find experts in Western and Vedic Astrology and reading birth charts. They offer guidance on topics such as love/relationships, family, careers, life path and so much more.
What common questions can I ask a Keen Astrologer?
Everyone is different, but here are some popular questions:
- Can you help me learn more about my rising sign?
- How compatible are my and my partner's sun signs?
- What astrological events should I know about this year?
- What transits will affect my placements/signs?
- Are there any other retrogrades happening this year? In what sign and planet?
- How will astrological events affect life decisions I should make?
How does a Keen reading work?
It's easy. You can speak with an advisor 24/7 by phone or online chat. Just set up an account and choose an advisor.
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The 10 minutes for $1.99 offer is valid for new customers only and is not valid on prior purchases. To redeem this offer valid payment information must be entered. This is a limited time offer and is valid only once per customer. Offer subject to change.