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Elissa Rose
Elissa Rose
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Over the years, my psychic talents have blossomed and my intuitive abilities regarding people, places and situations have become more finely attuned. As I was growing up, I felt a deep gratification and satisfaction in helping others, including friends and family, assisting them with their life challenges. That same quality has continued to the present day.

Looking back at my early childhood, I realize that I had insights and impressions about people and situations that seemed deeper than most children my age. Over time, as I matured, I came to realize that my insightful impressions of people were generally rather accurate. Moreover, there were specific “psychic” incidents in my teenage years, which helped me conclude that I had a unique gift.

Over the years, my abilities and sources have continued to blossom. Initially, I began working with Tarot as a way to connect with my Spirit Guides. Presently, for the most part, I still use Tarot cards as a tool to support my intuition. I also enjoy using a pendulum for dowsing. However, I typically rely on my own inner vision and utilize Tarot cards without presenting a strict, classical interpretation of the cards. They merely serve as “mirrors” to help me focus and formulate a clearer and deeper understanding of impressions that I'm able to receive from that person.

About 15 years ago, I began doing professional psychic/intuitive readings. My focus on mediumship development has been more recent and I've offered Mediumship sessions for approximately 8 years. Tuning in to this ability, it as though a switch had been turned on, making it relatively easy for me to now tune in to souls who have crossed over. With my years of experience, I try to bring my innate knowledge of metaphysics and the spirit world to every reading.
Approach to Topics
Providing meaningful, down-to-earth and practical readings, I help people navigate through whatever they are experiencing and offer answers and guidance to questions about business, career, family, love, money, pets and relationships. Readings can also assist with grief and the loss of a loved one, often helping to bring a sense of peace, resolution and understanding.

In a respectful and loving way, I will assist clients to eliminate challenging obstacles and achieve greater balance and harmony in their lives by exploring relevant aspects and workable opportunities.

Answering questions from the past, present and future, regarding family, finances, career, friends, love and relationships, readings can help clients to clarify goals, reach decisions, and make meaningful life changes to support growth for body, mind, heart and spirit.

As a psychic medium, I may bring through messages from your guides and loved ones, or provide information about the spirits who are with you. Moreover, I can also assist in conveying messages from your living or deceased pet and help owners to remain connected and gain a deeper awareness to the connections with your beloved pets.
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