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I have no hesitation looking into anothers agenda on your behalf! Understanding people's motives & intentions can help us love the people who surround us deeper and better. Often you will find peace with this knowledge.
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I heard Angelic Choirs as a child and saw many spirits, some that were frightening and others quite comforting. Since the 80's I took every training and workshop on every topic available to figure out who I was and what I was to do with all this. Like everyone on this path my intuitive and soul vibration started out with the knowledge that there is something outside ourselves and started questioning my identity. That was decades ago. I have now raised to the level of actually living my Divinity on a daily basis which demands I integrate my abilities into my work for the world. I have also learned about off planet beings that are incarnated today and many come to me for guidance. Whether you are discovering who you are or remembering who you are, I can see you next action steps that would serve you best.
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The future hasn't happened yet and your choices today will create wanted or unwanted experiences tomorrow and beyond. We really do create our own futures, that's why people call psychics! To understand what their most probable future is and if you aren't thrilled with what shows up, then I see new choice options that will cut through the challenges and get to what you want: peace, security and happiness. I have been doing this so long that my intuition is unbelievably fast and so is my delivery. I get right to the point out of respect for your time and investment. There are many paths I use to get to your answers. I know it's a leap of faith to talk to someone when emotions can be fragile. I will take good care of you and honor the complexity of your situation. Some people are discovering who they are. Others are remembering. I can help.
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