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Let me help you out. Using my intuition and clairvoyant ability!
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Remote Viewing
When I was very young and a rock collector, I used my hands to guide me to precious stones hidden below the turf. In adolescence, with a great deal of work and meditation, I developed the ability to see auras and other energetic objects, and to see into the future and past. I have been able to remote view and communicate with the other side since I was a young adult, I am also a believer in the power of prayer. I have been introduced to the workings of the ways outside our material existence. I have a Christian background. In this life on Earth we are so very loved from this other place as it is our true Home. It is my work to bring this out as self evident to you.
Approach to Topics
Let me know your issue or question and I will quiet my mind and respond to you with what I receive.

Most of my ability lies in clairvoyance. I receive snapshots of imagery and will communicate to you what I receive. Deriving meaning from these images could be literal or symbolic.

I have remote viewing abilities, but do not use them to look in on people for ethical reasons.

I love what I do and can't wait to hear from you! Take a few deep breaths and be ready to let me help you with your questions.

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