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The Sisteroracle
The Sisteroracle
Expand your SEEING. Let me help you be #WOKEAF ;)
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Let's explore your best potential self! You are more than a body-mind! What we choose matters! Spirit leads soul! Free minutes upon request. Let's wake up together. <3
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My background is diverse. We are awakening to the groundless ground of being <3 Meditation is a passion, for me. State experiences, raising the stage. 4-8d awareness and beyond is a passion for this body-mind. I've worked through plenty of soul lessons and I'm not here to judge. I find it natural and a habitual pattern, personally, to helps others suffer less by changing the way they see their "problems". My aim is to help you choose to expand more fully into a joyful ride of NOW. I teach others skills like: lucid dreaming, shapeshifting, hypnagogia, hypnopompic states, meditation stages (Vipassana #1 concentration/ focus = the beginning of learning to merge with breath/ core self/ your potential - Nonlocal awareness, Nonlinear divine timing; Nondual WISDOM. Shed the veil of forgetfulness <3
Approach to Topics
My approach is to meet you where you are and offer compassionate wisdom. It's up to you to choose what dream you want to dream alive. I love helping others better see their gifts and talents in fresh ways via Mayan Astrology, card readings, and dreams. I can offer tips for where you are in the awakening process. If your kundalini is blocked, maybe now is the time to shift that. As we stabilize our best potential self, we activate the excitement of others to shine their love-light. Though being of service to you, I serve the whole I am. We ARE therefore we think.
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